The Young’uns Podcast, April 22 2014, with Polish Vocal Harmony Quintet Brasy and the Wilsons

Photo of Brasy

The Young’uns return from ten days away from home, hosting their Hartlepool Headland Festival and then touring England with Polish vocal harmony quintet Brasy. In this podcast we bring you highlights from the last en days, with music and conversation from Brasy and the Wilsons. We teach Brasy Geordie in preparation for their gig in Newcastle, while Brasy attempt to teach us a very fast and wordy Polish song; plus it’s the Young’uns vs Brasy in the Birthday Game; the Wilsons share anecdotes from their time working with Sting and Jimmy Nail and hanging out with the likes of Paul Simon and Steven Spielberg; and there’s another chance to play at identifying the folk song in our game, the Folked-Up Folk Song.

Download it here.

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