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Due to the overwhelming surge of popularity for
the Young’uns
following our epic televisual debut, we’ve decided to sign up to Twitter – give them some extra business. I’ve personally not done anything on their yet and perhaps never will, since apparently you have a limit of 140 characters per post which (as regular readers of my blog will understand) might prove a bit of a challenge for me. I will however – should you send an email to – be only too happy to continue to reply in a needlessly lengthy fashion which you won’t even bother reading because of the fact that your intimidated by the unnecessary length of the thing, but primarily because you were hoping for a response from either Mike or Sean. Well now you know that if you want a reasonably concise reply to your message without the risk of me getting in touch with you, then you should use the Twitter option. Although, I would appreciate the occasional email from a real human as it will come as a welcome break from the usual spam mail that we get on the Young’uns account.

It can be a bit disconcerting when the Young’uns mail account gets spam, especially when you get emails saying, “sexually satisfy your woman with this proven technique”. Baring in mind that all three of us get this email, the inference is that the Young’uns share the same woman and that all three of us are attempting to satisfy her sexually. Perhaps even at the same time. There’s no knowing what the dirty spam bots are thinking (and that’s actually what they’re called: spam bots. That’s not a euphemism or an affectionate name I have for them).

I am ignoring the spam about penis extensions that go into my personal mail account in the hope that perhaps we can get a three for the price of two deal if the Young’uns get their penises extended at the same time. But I hope they’re not expecting the three of us to share the same penis, because that’s not going to happen. Unless it’s detachable, in which case I might consider it. You’ve got to think frugally in this economic climate.

Anyway, the upshot of all that was that The Young’uns are on Twitter. We’re called theyoungunstrio.

In other news, I’ve finally done a deal with the robots and the Young’uns Podcast is now actually a podcast.You can subscribe to the podcast here:
in ITunes”
Or with Google

The 106th Young’uns Podcast will arrive this week.

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