The Young’uns Podcast: The Young’uns Anti-terror Campaign (Featuring The Archbishop of Canterbury, and Maz O’Connor on Volcanos)

Photo of Maz O'Connor

Things aren’t going too well for the Queen at the moment, what with last week’s Nazi Salute revelation, and even more upsettingly for her was the fact that last month she narrowly missed a Young’uns gig. This week we impart tales from our jaunt to Runnymede where we played at the Magna Carta event. We had some fun encounters with the police and a rather harassed Archbishop of Canterbury.

Joining us on that day was BBC Radio 2 folk award nominated Maz O’Connor, who makes some interesting noises for us and sings about a volcano.

Sean Cooney and David Eagle go head-to-head in the Birthday Game, and the Young’uns receive a couple of hauntings, from a pianist and an orphan child.

Download it here

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