The Young’uns Podcast in Portugal, with Mike Harding, Lady Maisery and Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal

Photo of Louis Van Gaal

So far this year we’ve taken you with us to America, Canada and France, and this week we’re off to Portugal, to the Costa del Folk Festival.

Hear clips from our first ever aquatic gig, as we perform in the swimming pool, with the help of Lady Maisery – without instruments of course. Hear clips from our sangria fuelled late night gig, in which Mike Harding impersonates animals and insults the Welsh. Plus, find out what happens when Manchester United’s manager Louis Van Gaal sits next to us on the plane.

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6 thoughts on “The Young’uns Podcast in Portugal, with Mike Harding, Lady Maisery and Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal

  1. Well, I reckon you embarked on your flight to Portugal somewhat ill-prepared, guys. I mean – a packet of fig rolls, for goodness sake! Surely an award-winning folk band would be equipped with hob-nobs at the very least. These might have elicited a much more positive response from Mr van Gaal. You can’t go wrong with a hob-nob!

    • And I suppose a Hobnob would also have extra significance, given that a definition of hobnob is to mix socially with someone of a perceived higher social status, which is very much what we were endeavouring to do. Celebrity Hobnob: it’s the kind of slick feature idea that a commercial radio presenter would bite my hand off for. (I mean that literally; a lot of them have canibilisstic tendancies you see; that, and a tendancy to time check, ask what’s happening on the region’s roads and generally talk shit between mind-numbing musical pop slop, which is almost as offensive as their canibalism.

      • I forgot to close the brackets, sorry. To be honest, I’m not even sure why I opened them in the first place. I think I felt that putting the bit about canibalism in brackets would somehow excuse or dilute the weirdness of what I was saying. As if somehow putting something in brackets vindicates the inclusion of my more nonsensical and eccentric moments. I believe this strategy is going to be incorporated into the Chilcot report in a feeble attempt to blindside people into not noticing important things such as the mention of WMDs. That’s one of the reasons it’s taking so long; they’re enclosing all the juicy bits in brackets in the hope that people might glaze over it, subconsciously registering it as nonessential and incidental frippery. )

        • Musical pop slop: good description, and the reason I had to give up listening to commercial radio – except for the traffic alerts, that is – I seem to have accidentally activated this feature in my car. In fact, the first time I listened to your album, I’d turned up the volume nice and loud for Between the Wars when the line, “Theirs is a land of hope and glory” was obliterated by “The A5 is blocked in both directions”. Anyway, Celebrity Hobnob – I foresee a regular podcast feature, with you foisting biscuits on unsuspecting famous people, just to record their response.

          • Coincidentally, I remember reading an interview with Billy Bragg in which he talked about his original draft for Between The Wars, which actually did contain the lines: There’s is a land with a wall all around it, mine is the green field and the factory floor, the A5 is blocked in both directions …

            He then went on to rant about how the blocked motorway was making it rather difficult to access either the green field or the factory, and how his journey to the green field or the factory floor was now completely buggered by that bloody wall they’d built around the land.
            He then went on to write: I will give my consent to any government that does not deny a man the ability to travel from A to B without spending hours stuck bumper-to-bumper in non-moving traffic.

            In fact, the song was originally going to be called Between The Cars, but when he was typing it out he accidentally pressed the letter W instead of the C, which gave him the idea to change the song to the one we know and love today.

            Oh dear, you see what happens to my brain when I get more than three days in a row off performing?

  2. Hahaha, excellent. The trouble is I’m now rewriting the rest of the song in my head! See what you’ve done? And I’m normally such a sensible person!

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