The Young’uns Podcast End Of Year Clearance Sale

It’s the last Young’uns Podcast of the year, and the last in the current series until April 2016. So, in this podcast we are clearing out all our old stock, I.E. the remaining gig clips that are still lurking on the computer that have yet to be played, It’s very much the bargain basement equivalent of a podcast, but in a good way, hopefully.

David dons his dog collar to become the Reverend Eagle in order to convey a spiritual message for the new year. Plus, there’s some faeces based banter, conspiracy theories, and we discuss South American cuisine.

Download it here

Happy new year.

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2 thoughts on “The Young’uns Podcast End Of Year Clearance Sale

  1. thats cruel- we wait with bated breath for each episode. Have a cracking new year lads- and thnaks for all thjis year’s memories- heres to next years

    • Well I’m sure the main thing you’re going to miss about the podcasts is the sound of my voice, in which case there’s no need to brude as I’ll be releasing loads of things in the meantime. Happy new year indeed Ian!

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