The Young’uns Podcast 121: Michael is My Penetrator (Mike Wilson interview)

As the Young’uns Podcast increases in popularity among folk music fans, we realise the importance of not only entertaining, but also educating and informing. Our new item, Folk in Focus, brings you the latest folk news, the all important stories that Mark Radcliff, Mike Harding and folk magazines just aren’t covering. Yes, The Young’uns Podcast is now your go-to home for the latest folk music news! This week, we’ve got stories about Barbara Dickson, Kit Bailey and Bellowhead’s Sam Sweeney.

Also this week, the second Juicer Minute with Sam Pirt from the Hut People. We’ve got more surreal Young’uns dreams, this time featuring Paul Gascoigne and Mike Harding, and wrestling Young’uns. Mike Wilson talks about the Wilsons’ recent collaboration with Sting and their performance at the BBC Proms. There’s music and talking bits from the Young’uns and the Wilsons, collaborating as part of the Festival of the North East, and Sean Cooney introduces us to a song about the Suffragette movement written and performed by primary school children in Manchester.

Download the 121st Podcast here.

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