The Young’uns Podcast 116: Nazi Satnav (with Sam Carter, and Gilmore & Roberts)

Photo of The Young'uns and Sam Carter wearing Viking Helmets, holding table tennis rackets, standing next to a TARDIS and huge ornamental elephant

This week: The Young’uns have a minor run in with the police. We enter the mind of Sean Cooney as he journeys into a post-apocalyptic folk festival. What do Viking headwear, table tennis, elephants and the TARDIS all have in common? There’s live music from Gilmore & Roberts from Chester Folk Festival, and Sam Carter collaborates with the Young’uns. Plus we pay tribute to an old friend of the Young’uns Podcast, Martin Nesbitt, who died two weeks ago. We remember him through his comedy music and stories.

Download the 116th Young’uns Podcast here.

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