The Young’uns Podcast 115: Noel Coward’s Gunge Machine (with Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker)

The Young’uns have been involved in some inadvertent spying. We reveal some covert recordings taken from backstage at a recent Young’uns gig. Find out what venue staff honestly think about the Young’uns, plus they become extremely vexed by a mysterious voice. Sean Cooney introduces us to Baby Sam, who wiggles, giggles, skips, slips, jumps and dives through a crazy world of monsters, snakes and dinosaurs. The Young’uns in the mix returns, mixing a sea shanty with the Prodigy. And this week’s guests are Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, recently signed to navigator, whose album Fire and Fortune is released in July. We play a couple of tracks from the forthcoming album and chat to them about their music.

Download the 115th Young’uns Podcast here.

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