The Nolans vs Groove Armada

If you listened to the
”96th Southside Podcast
then I know you’ll all remember that I promised to put a link to my Nolan’s vs Groove armada mix, or bootleg, or mashup, or cutup, whichever terminology you prefer. I’m sure you all scrambled frantically to my blog, hoping that I would have put the link up immediately. Alas I did not for which I must apologize. I’m sure that by now you will have all found the mix on your own volition – I mean everyone knows how immensely intelligent David Eagle fans are. But a promise is a promise – in case you hadn’t realized – and so here are the links to the mix.

As I mentioned in my last post, I now have a
”Youtube channel,
and I’ve posted the mix on Youtube.
”this is the link.
You can also download a high quality MP3 file of the mix
I’ve provided this file in case there are any DJs reading who may want to use the mix in their next set, perhaps as a way of clearing the dance floor at the end of the night.

P.S. Alas, my fear has come true. I am no longer number one in the Google search results for David Eagle. I have somehow miraculously gone from being top of the charts to number 39. I assume that Google are aware of the error and are desperately trying to fix it before they lose all credibility as a search engine; but if you hear that Google have gone bust, then you know why? I’ll keep you updated on my chart position, and hopefully it will be only a matter of time before justice is done, and David eagle is back where he belongs – at at least number 30. I’m a little bit unsure as to what to suggest in order to hit Google the hardest, so that they will sit up and take heed. I was going to suggest that you all boycotted Google search completely, but then that would have a detrimental effect on my results because no one would be using Google to search for me. So maybe the answer is to only use Google when you are searching for things related to me. So your mission is to type David eagle into your search engines, locate my blog, and click on it. If all 3 of you do this then maybe I can be at number 30 by the end of this year. Well, a man’s got to dream!

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