The Award Winning Young’uns Podcast

Since the last Young’uns podcast, we’ve won a series of awards including best group at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, meaning that I think we can now safely proclaim that the Young’uns Podcast is an award winning podcast; in fact, it’s the best folk podcast in the world ever!

This week: everything you never needed to know about David’s little finger; Michael is getting up David’s nose, literally; David has an interesting encounter at a urinal; a Young’uns gig turns into an episode of Call My Bluff, as we discuss the potential definitions of french words; The Young’uns are back on tour, and yet again it’s a rather physically intimate affair for us; on Thursday 14th May at 1130, BBC Radio 4 air the documentary which we are featured in presented by Mark Radcliffe, and after the recording of that programme we all communed in a pub to drink and sing Tom Jones songs; and there’s a song about a dog thrown in for good measure. All that and more on this week’s award winning Young’uns Podcast.

Download this week’s Young’uns Podcast here

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  1. Sarah has got me into David’s pod casts and David you are extremely funny mate I always look forward to them and you are definitely a comedian in the making

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