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Over the last few weeks, the southside Podcast has featured a couple of renowned psychic mediums. In
podcast 94
we heard from UK medium
Tony Stockwell,
and the
97th podcast
featured the internationally renowned
James Vanpraagh.
The subject of life after death and communicating with the dead is one that greatly intrigues me. We’ve discussed communicating with the dead on a number of podcasts and shows that I’ve been involved in. My first dalliance into the subject occurred by accident. While at University, I was sifting through some old recordings that I had made on a Dictaphone. The files on the recordings were of old notes I had made relating to an essay I had been writing. I used to dictate notes into the machine so that I didn’t forget them. What a revolutionary system that was. I guess I’m a bit of an academic pioneer. I was just about to press the delete button on the digital recorder (as I no longer needed the files) but a split second before my finger touched the button, I heard something that made me stop in my tracks. (I’ll start a new paragraph to heighten the dramatic tension.)

(There! Hope that was effective. anyway.) I pressed the rewind key and replayed the portion of audio, assuming I had misheard, but no, there it was again. But what was it? There was the sound of me speaking, reading some essay notes, then a slight pause, and then a new voice, a voice completely different to mine. It sounded like a Scottish woman. I rewound again and relistened. Surely it must have been me putting on a voice? I thought, but it didn’t seem likely that I would have put on a random Scottish voice while recording some essay notes. I couldn’t make out what the voice was saying. Totally bewildered by this find, I ran into my flatmate’s room and showed him the recording. He agreed that it sounded nothing like me, and that it sounded like a Scottish woman. I remember making this recording. There was no one around me at the time – certainly no one in my room, and the voice sounded too close to have come from outside my room; in fact, the voice sounded closer to the recorder than my own voice. My flatmate had no idea of what the voice was saying. We sat there in amazement, listening to the sample over and over again, trying to gain some sort of semblance as to what the words could be. My flatmate Jim had a look on the internet, basically typing something like “mysterious voices on recorder” into the search engine. And that is when we first discovered EVP.

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. It transpired that many other people had reported receiving unexplained voices on audio recordings. We found pages and pages of information all about it, and scientific research on the subject too. The popular explanation seemed to be that it was voices of the dead.

Doing an Internet search on this subject will bring up some interesting and (as you’d expect) peculiar thoughts including theories of how it is believed that these voices manifest. If you do want to do a search for EVP, feel free to use Google as there is no need to boycott it anymore, as I am back at number one in the search results for David Eagle.

After this experience, I began to get more interested in EVP and started listening to other EVP examples from the internet. Then, a couple of years later, I received another mysterious voice on a recording I’d made. This time it was definitely not me putting on a voice. I would say that this second example was even weirder, yet more definitive than my first message. Since then, I have picked up a few more potential EVPs, but nothing as clear as my first two recordings.

A few years ago I played the two EVP recordings out on a podcast. I have uploaded the segment to my Youtube channel. You can access it
You can also download it as an MP3 file
and scare the crap out of yourself when you’ve got your MP3 player on shuffle at night, and it comes on randomly just as you’re falling asleep.

I’d be interested if anyone has any comments on this. Maybe you have some idea as to what the messages are saying or even where they might come from. You can leave a comment on Youtube.
On the
97th Southside Podcast
I promised to provide a link to a radio interview with James vanpraagh that goes into a lot of detail about the spirit world and communicating with the dead. It’s in quite a few parts, and is quite extensive.
James Vanpraagh interview.

Right, well there’s some food for thought. we’ll be back to the fart jokes tomorrow.

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