Sweat The Small Stuff

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At the end of BBC 3’s Russell Howard’s good news, the continuity announcer said: “; And more brand new funny on 3 next Tuesday at ten, as Nick Grimshaw hosts a new panel show, Sweat The Small Stuff, making a big deal out of the little things in life, such as should I put the milk in the tea before or after I’ve taken out the tea bag? Stuff like that.”

Well, understandably desperate to discover what the panellists’ consensus was on this subject, I immediately went onto the Internet to see whether there were any spoilers. But alas not. So I suppose I’m just going to have to try and be patient and wait until tonight to find out what Nick Grimshaw and a couple of radio presenters from Kiss FM who I’ve never heard of have to say about when they deem it correct to put the milk in their tea.

I have booked the day off work today, just so that I can mentally prepare myself for the programme. After I’ve published this blog I’m going to do some yoga and some meditation so that I’m in the right frame of mind for the show. I’m starting to think I should have booked the following day off as well, just in case I need some recovery time if one of the panellists says something particularly revelatory or radical. I think I’m pretty liberal and open-minded when it comes to opinion on hot beverages, but perhaps I’ll be surprised and someone will shatter all my preconceptions.

It’s things like this that inspire me to keep trying to develop a presenting career. Maybe one day I’ll be famous enough to get booked to be on shows like this. After all, I happen to have some startling, paradigm shifting philosophies regarding milk in tea, and don’t get me started with my theories on coffee.

Well, I suppose I better go and prepare myself mentally and physically for the programme. Sweat The Small Stuff is on BBC3 at 10 PM tonight. And before you have a nervous break down, if you’re reading this after 10 pm, fear not, you can watch it on the IPLAYER. I’ll be doing both. I’ll watch it live while following all the Twitter and Facebook comments about the show. Then I’ll watch it again on IPLAYER, as I’ll no doubt find new insights and hidden nuances that I missed the first time round. Then I’ll download it and watch it in slow motion, just to make sure I’ve definitely not missed anything.

I’d normally make a cup of tea at this time of the day, but I don’t feel confident enough to do it; not until I find out from Nick Grimshaw when I should be adding the milk. Public service broadcasting is still very much alive.

New Young’uns Podcast should be about a week away.

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