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Once again, I’m writing from the bus. It’s like a minimalist music composition on the bus today. There’s a constant rhythmic beeping from the front of the bus, which is rhythmically synchronised with the swishing of the windscreen wipers. Now and again, the indicators join in, with some thematic interplay. Either that or the driver of the bus is a mad, evil genius who is using these constant, repeating, rhythmic sounds to hypnotise all the passengers on-board , programming our minds, ready for the day when he uses us as military cattle in his bid to overthrow the world’s governments and rule over the earth for ever. Hmmmmm, must stop eating cheese before bed. Well it’s either the cheese or the mind-altering drugs that’s making me think like this.

Anyway, looking around me, at my fellow passengers on the bus, I detect a few bored faces. If only they knew just how exciting their long bus journeys could be. If only they’d heard of the
‘Southside Podcast’. 90 quality podcasts to download and listen to whenever and wherever you want. No wait, make that 91 quality podcasts because the 91st ‘Southside Podcast’ is available to download. Here’s the description for it:

This week Southside sample the best in antipodean culture courtesy of ‘Toast Festival’, featuring Polynesian dancing and authentic New Zeeland cuisine. We talk to tree sculptors and jousting lady knights at 2009’s Lincolnshire Show. We visit Middlesbrough’s first-ever literary festival and speak with author marina Fiorato. And it’s the last-ever Royal Show after 170 years of existence; The Royal Show’s manager Simon Frere-Cook explains the reason for it’s end, celebrates it’s history and looks ahead to the future working with the Royal agricultural Society.

Plus, what did one font say to the other font?.. Find out on this week’s Southside Podcast, as we “Pod On” ™ with the sounds of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’, guillotines and exploding bodies. It’s just your everyday ‘Southside Podcast’.

And the download link is

P.S. In case there are any folkies reading this, I want to briefly acknowledge the passing of a great friend (and I suppose you could say mentor, certainly inspiration) to my folk group ‘The Young’uns’, the amazing folk and shanty singer Johnny Collins. I won’t elaborate any further on this subject here because I’m rubbish at putting strong and genuine sentiments like this into words, plus the folk forum ‘Mudcat’ has an excellent and fitting
obituary to Johnny written by his many friends and fans. It would be great if we can make some kind of podcast that celebrated his life, full of tributes, personal anecdotes and memories of Johnny. I’ll have a think about it and gage other people’s thoughts on the matter. Anyway, that’s all I can think to say. I’ve sat for over half an hour trying to think of something apt, poetic and poignant but I think the forum can do that much better along with his music, including this
youtube clip which in spite of its terrible sound quality, still manages to capture the passion and enthusiasm for music that Johnny expressed to the very end.

Thanks for reading.

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