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Due to lack of internet access I have been unable to post regular blogs. I’ve had to steal next door’s wireless internet connection whenever I needed to use the internet. I use the word steal since they aren’t aware that I am using it and I didn’t go round to ask for permission. I assume that they don’t read this blog so my secret remains safe. I would imagine that they haven’t read my blog since if they had done they would surely have come round on a daily basis laden with gifts to show their gratitude towards me for providing them with such entertaining and informative insights in to that crazy little thing we call life.

Anyway, you can hear more about my devious wireless thieving antics, along with Sir Jimmy Savile sharing his ‘Rolling Stones’ and Elvis Presley anecdotes and informing us that he’s never played a record in his whole broadcasting career by
downloading this week’s Southside Podcast!

If you enjoy it then my neighbours are partly to thank since it is there internet connection that is allowing me to upload it for you. If you don’t like it then I’ll let my neighbours take full responsibility.

Have a good Friday! Oo! I’ve just thought up a rubbish joke to leave you with. What about a special TV show for the Easter season hosted by Jimmy Savile called ‘Jim’ll Crucifix It?’ … no? OK then … bye.

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