My Christmas List

OK, so you’ve bought the Young’uns Audiobook and have already voraciously snaffled it up, and now you’ve got those all-too-familiar David Eagle withdrawal pangs. You just need more David Eagle. Besides, it’s the only thing that you, the kids and your spouse can agree on as family entertainment over the festive period. Fear not, here is a list of some Christmas content that I’ve done over the years to satiate your apatite and ensure peace and happiness within the whole family.

I think this will be the last time I’m in touch on here before Christmas. I’ll be back in the new year for my next exciting project, where everyday I revisit each David’s Daily Digital Dollop from 2016 and offer up a second by second, word by word analysis and commentary on each Dollop in turn. No, not really. Merry Christmas.

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6 thoughts on “My Christmas List

  1. David wouldn’t it be fun if you did a blob every day for a year, we all would tune in I’m sure
    missing your voice every day xx

  2. I am really enjoying Bound Together, David. Having gotten to know all of you over the past months, I can ‘hear’ your narratives throughout your chapters. Having said that, is the Audiobook now available too? All the best to you this Christmas and beyond, my friend!

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