My Accordion, Toilet Story on Youtube

What an exciting bank holiday weekend: One royal wedding and a dead Taliban leader. And a new YouTube clip of the Young’uns performing live!

For me, a great Young’uns gig isn’t really about how well we perform musically because I’m always confident that we’ll do that reasonably well; it’s more about the bits in between the songs that dictate whether I feel a gig was great or not. In fact, one of my favourite gigs we ever did was one where I had a really sore throat and was for all intents and purposes unable to sing. So we just talked. It had the potential to be a really stressful and bad performance; I’d been gigging for the last four days and was feeling really ill. We had to stop some songs halfway through because I just kept coughing really loudly while the other two fruitlessly attempted to compensate and cover my coughs. But the bits in between the songs – which was about 90 % of the gig – were amazing. We ended up telling anecdotes about things that happened to us on tour and the audience seemed to love it, laughing hysterically. Nowadays this is how are performances tend to be, only with a bit more singing than in that gig, but that potentially hideous gig was a major influence on how we now perform.

Here’s a bit in between the songs that someone kindly put on YouTube. I was hoping to be telling this story all the way through the summer run of festivals, but I think the YouTube clip’s kind of buggered that up now.
So I thought I might as well help perpetuate its buggering up powers by putting it up on my blog. So here it is; some accordion related toilet humour.

Right then, I’m off to try and write this joke that’s been brewing in my head for the last few days. It’s something to do with Bin Laden and refuse collecting but I can’t tell you at the moment until I’ve ironed out a few of the finer nuances of my amazing joke. I think you’ll be very impressed by it though.

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