Man, I Feel Like a Young’un

Man, I Feel Like a Young’un.
It’s been over three months since my last blog post and my last podcast, and I know that the Internet has been rife with rumours as to why. Well you’ve all got just one more day to plague the various forums with your theories because I’ll be letting the cat out of the bag tomorrow. I’ll also be telling you why I’ve been away from the blogosphere and podcasting duties for three months. That’s my rubbish joke for this paragraph. See you in paragraph two.

My folk group ‘The Young’uns’ have just released a new album, ‘Man, I feel Like a Young’un’. It’s available to order in CD form
You can listen to three songs from the album to see if you might like it
”on our Myspace page,
But you don’t want to bother with that. Just go straight ahead and
”buy the album now
without giving it any thought. Go on, do it, you might not regret it.

So there you go. My glorious return to the blogosphere was basically a very unsubtle advert. Don’t worry, my next blog post will probably be a long, egocentric rant. We’ll be back to the quality blogging from tomorrow.

Did I mention you can
”buy our new CD here?


P.S. I’m not dead.

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