Dollop 45 – Valentine’s Day Songs Special

This Dollop consists of a couple of songs, especially for Valentine’s day.

Download here

Happy Valentine’s day. Back tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Dollop 45 – Valentine’s Day Songs Special

    • I know, I am still as romantic as when we were together. But it takes more than a love song set in hospital to keep a relationship alive. Perhaps I should have opted for the traditional flowers and chocolate, but I’m glad you vaguely appreciated it, although, suspiciously we did break up soon after. Music may well be the food of love, but maybe not when it’s set to lyrics about a dying person in hospital. I hope this has been helpful relationship advice for someone out there.

      • Except of course you wrote this during the first February of our relationship. I distinctly remember you leaving me in bed to go write this downstairs, and I had to ring you up to come fetch me, as it was the first time I’d met your family and I was a tad nervous.

        Goodness my memory is fantastic. Good for me.

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