Dollop 22 – My Genius Has Been Recognised

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I was given a nice surprise today when I got a notification from Twitter saying that I had been mentioned by the excellent folk duo Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman. They had been asked to name some of their favourite groups/artists, and I was cited as one of them. I assume that perhaps they meant to mention my folk group The Young’uns – given that all the other names in the tweet were folk – but accidentally mentioned my Twitter account instead, meaning that I am now listed as one of Kathryn and Sean’s favourite music groups/artists.

Perhaps it was deliberate, and I shouldn’t be so modest. After all, it’s not like I haven’t shown promise as a solo artist. Maybe they heard my George Formby parody from Dollop 16, and I was instantly catapulted to the top of their list. And I am top of the list, because my name is the first name mentioned in their tweet, suggesting that I was the first person they thought of when it came to naming their favourite artist/group.

Or maybe it was those jingles with my eleven-year-old niece Lucy that featured on the first four audio Dollops. Or perhaps they were taken by my generic football anthem.

Or have they listened to my album of meditation music?

Or could it have been when they heard my Eskimo Kissing song?

Or was it when they heard my Leona Lewis parody?

When I first received the tweet, I thought it was a bit strange, but now looking back through my impressive musical back catalogue, I see no reason why I shouldn’t be their favourite artist. Anyway, whatever their avenue in to discovering my musical genius, I am glad to have been recognised by Kathryn and Sean.

They will therefore be pleased to hear that I plan on releasing another song next week. It is all about a maths student dealing with relationship problems, which he tries to solve through the medium of maths. So just your average pop song then.

Given that I’ve peppered this blog post with a load of songs which you may have clicked on and listened to, it would be presumptuous of me to take up any more of your time with my usual 1700 words blog post, so I shall leave today’s Dollop here, and get back to work creating my next musical masterpiece.

Thanks for reading and listening. I’m now into my fourth week of dolloping, and it’s gratifying to see how many of you are still accessing them. A reminder that you can subscribe to the podcast version of these Dollops and have me reading it to you, and occasional extra bits thrown in as well. Subscribe with ITunes here, or here’s the RSS feed if you want to subscribe with some other subscribey thingy. Back tomorrow.

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