David’s Daily Digital Dollop: Dollop 213 – The Canadian Confusion Continues

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There’s been yet another ill-researched and confusing write-up about our group. In the Canmore Festival programme, which we are playing this weekend, they get all the details about us right, and describe our sound as “largely unaccompanied with occasional minimal accompaniment.” But then, somehow, despite having managed to get all this information correct, they then include a photo of the wrong band. Have a guess which band’s photo they’ve used. Its The other Young’uns, the Canadian wedding covers band.

There they are, with drums, bass, and electric guitar. You’d have thought that they might have realised, given that our write-up states that we are a largely unaccompanied band, but seemingly not. I wonder if us turning up in Canada and performing on the other Young’uns home patch is going to cause more logistical problems for them. Are they going to get confused people booking the wedding covers band, thinking that it’s us, only to get a shock when they turn up with their drums and amps. They better start learning some Irish Celtic Country songs just in case, as what the people who booked the band expect will very much depend on what write-up they’d read.

We’re learning a few wedding classics just to be on the safe side, songs like Cliff Richard and Congratulations, which would actually be a good choice of song because our publisher also looks after the royalties for Cliff Richard, meaning that he’d get paid by the venue every time we sung that song, and he could then give us some of that money. What a brilliant plan. So maybe all this confusion is a good thing, and might prove rather lucrative. After all, I think it’s doubtful that we could maintain our credibility as a folk group singing Cliff Richard songs, but it would be perfect for a wedding covers band.

I got a nice surprise last night when a comment came in on Dollop 209, about our rather uneventful wildlife tour and hike, which was actually more like a lollop.

“Hi David, We have just been crying with laughter at your description of the wildlife tour. Jonathan and I were on the tour too, a couple of the decrepit pensioners you mentioned! Do you remember the ones from Leeds? We too were somewhat disappointed in the tour which had been sold to us as a wildlife tour, but we very much enjoyed your company and Sean’s company” (but presumably not Michael’s company, which is perfectly understandable) “and coming across that black bear very much saved the day. I’m glad I looked up your website, I read out your description of the tour, whilst crying with laughter, and Jonathan said , That sounded like our tour. I told him that it was the self same tour and that it was you who had written it. Thanks for the Laugh! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Canada.”

There are lots of people who ask me whether I make up the things that I blog about, so hopefully this has proved the veracity of my anecdotes. I suppose you could argue that I might have made up the character of Dianne and her husband and then left that comment myself, pretending to be two people who were on the tour with us, but do you really think I’ve got nothing better to do with my time? OK, granted, I write and record a load of nonsense and then publish it on the Internet on a daily basis, so maybe I’m not helping my argument there. But Jonathan and Dianne are definitely real people who came on the tour, and then subsequently managed to find my blog and the account of our trip. I’m not sure how they found it because I didn’t mention my blog to them. After all, we’d only just met, and it’s not the kind of thing that comes up in conversation. It’s not as if I announced to everyone as we said goodbye, “well it’s been nice meeting you, and if you’d like to read up on my thoughts about this afternoon then you can visit my daily blog at davideagle.co.uk.” But they somehow managed to find it. I’d like to think that they started reading the account of the wildlife trip, and have now been hooked in and are going through the back catalogue. There’s a lot to look forward to, including some really funny stuff about kettles.

The odd thing about writing a public blog is that the people I am writing about might read it. I just want to clarify, Jonathan and Dianne, that when I referred to “unfit pensioners,” that obviously didn’t innclude you. In fact, I originally wrote a couple of hundred words in the blog about how impressed I was by your physique, fitness and agility, but Michael and Sean advised me to take it out, as apparently I was coming across a bit creepy and full-on.

Let’s just hope Mr Fat Man or Alanis Morissette don’t read Dollop 210. If you ever get chatting to either of them, could you please refrain from mentioning my blog; I know that might be hard because it’s obviously your natural conversation starter, but please try on this occasion.

Back tomorrow, which will be our final day in Canada before heading back home to England.

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