96th ‘Southside Podcast’

This week, we take a look at the delights of
a new magazine. We find out about ‘500 Days of Summer’ – a new romantic comedy – and “the Movie that will change your life, forever!”
The Nolan Sisters talk about their new tour and their new album, as does singer songwriter
Tallulah Rendall,
who teams up with the Nolan’s in a unique collaborative effort which is exclusive to the ‘Southside Podcast’.
Award winning crime author
Martin Edwards
talks to us about his work, and the crime fiction genre.
And science fiction author and critic Alan Stevens enlightens us with how he listens to the ‘Southside Podcast’.
Plus, computer tips, Japanese sleve notes, incest and drinking games courtesy of David Eagle.

Please note, people with no hands are welcome. Just take your mouse with your foot and click
the download link
with your big toe.

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