94th ‘Southside Podcast’

It’s been nearly a month since I last blogged, and what a month it has been. Being twenty-four is really taking its toll. The aches, the pains, the responsibilities. It’s also been nearly a month since I last released a podcast, but fear not, the 94th ‘Southside Podcast’ is here, and this is the description for it:

This week,
psychic Tony Stockwell
on talking to the dead,
New York correspondent
Peter Franklin
on drunken lifeguards.
Find out why young and middle-aged people in Britain should be quaking in their boots – or respective footwear.
And we’ve an interview with a rather confused railway enthusiast, who’s not quite sure of his name or what train he’s on.
Plus, presenter David Eagle shows off his rapping skills, and there’s a chance to play along with our exciting, new, and probably one-off feature ‘Guess the song lyric’, in which you have to try and guess the song from a lyric. How do we come up with these ideas?
There’s a unique travelogue on the delights of Germany, covering all the essentials, such as sausage, beer, crazed taxi drivers and how the Germans seem to cope with blindness. So pod on Perl & Dean style to the 94th ‘Southside Podcast’, which could never be said to be anything like a pikestaff. O no! So don’t even think about saying such a thing, all right?

You can download it

I didn’t write a blog post from Germany, but I’ve hopefully made up for that by providing some anecdotes of my travels in the podcast. I’m off to Holland this week for a festival, and I plan on making a documentary on it. I recorded some stuff from Holland last year but didn’t do anything with it. My plan is to combine this year’s audio with last year’s and create a super-special documentary, unless of course I’m really lazy and decide instead to record some more material next year and combine it with the last two years to create the best god damn documentary on Holland Maritime festivals in the world.

Anyway, this is going to be another short post as Microsoft word keeps crashing every two minutes and I’m starting to go psychotic, shouting and swearing at the computer. If you want more information about what I’m talking about then
check out my previous blog post on computers
Be back soon. Button Moon.

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