90th Southside Podcast available to download

Hi, I’ve got loads of stuff I need to do before I go to bed tonight, so this is just a quick post (hurray!) to mention that the 90th southside Podcast is available. I realise I’ve got myself in a bit of a trap now because for the last two weeks I’ve been saying how I especially enjoyed recording the current week’s podcast and how great the podcast is. I realise if I keep saying this every week then it will inevitably lose any meaning and negate my genuine, honest sentiment. Therefore, can we just take it as red that every podcast is going to be great so that the sentiment doesn’t lose its value. I promise to warn you if ever I think the podcast is not so great on one particular week. However, in spite of all that, I must say (on just this one occasion) that this week’s podcast is amazing and I especially enjoyed making it. Here is the description for it:

“What do you get if you cross Groove Armada with the Nolan Sisters? Find out by listening to this week’s Southside Podcast. Groove Armada’s Tom Findlay explains the joys of ‘Lovebox’ – the affordable music festival. The Nolans are back, touring the UK. In fact it has been rumoured that the main reason for the Nolans reforming and going back on tour was just so they could get on the southside Podcast. Well, their dream has come true as this week we feature an interview with the Nolans. Award winning film director and animator Ed Hartwell talks to us about his short SCI-FI film ‘The Day The Robots Woke Up’ and about the complexities of animation. There’s a short yet surreal interview with Rosie Langhorn (formerly Rosie Hetherington from the dance troop Legs & Co). Southside regular Felicity Hardingham from ‘Golden Goose PR’ talks about ‘Toast Fest’. Find out more by listening to this week’s podcast, plus there’s a chance to enter our competition to win a family ticket to 2009’s ‘Great Yorkshire show’. And, for the first time ever, Southside go in the mix with DJ David eagle! wigidy wack! Booya! Brapp! Jiga Jiga! And all that jazz. So pod on ™ Pink Panther style to the 90th Southside Podcast, complete with frequent interruptions from call centre staff and family members.”

And I suppose you’ll be wondering where the download link is, yes? Well wonder no more, for it is
P.S. I’ve got myself a portable QUERTY keyboard for the mobile so expect lots of blogging on location in the near future. I’m especially looking forward to listening into conversations people are having on busses and trains and then eternalising them in blog form. Fortunately for you the keyboard hasn’t arrived yet and so you were spared the conversation I overheard on the bus today between two men discussing a threesome one of them had been involved in. I only caught snippets of the conversation above the roar of the engine but I did hear him gleefully announce several times, “both ends, both ends!” And then later on – in case his friend hadn’t quite grasped the concept he elaborated on exactly what he meant by “ends”. To be honest, there wasn’t really much more to the story beyond the “both ends” scenario, plus there were a few plot holes in the story, though the less said about plot holes in this instance the better. And with that image in mind, I leave you.


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