102nd Southside Podcast

This week, Southside bring you a location report from the
“”London boat show.
Leisure and Marine PR person
“”Peta Stuart-hunt
along with actress Sarah Huntley hear emotional tails of perilous sailing exploits, and discover the joys of
“”C. R. Lindemer
explains all about her book ‘True Cow Tales’ featuring stories from and about farmers, ranchers and dairy princesses.
And the deputy director general of the
Mark Byford, evaluates the relationship between the BBC and community radio stations, and comments on how radio has changed and how audiences engage with radio nowadays.

Plus presenter David Eagle ((with his sore behind) attempts to wean fellow Southside Podcast presenters off drugs, and offers some advice on conducting an interview.

All that and more when you
“”download this week’s Southside Podcast

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