101st southside Podcast

The ‘southside Podcast’ returns, new and improved for 2010. We are new and improved in a number of ways – well, two ways. firstly, we say hello to our friends at
in Middlesbrough, who’ve started providing our podcast on their FM service. The second way in which we could say to be new and improved came as a bit of a shock to me. When I logged into the service that has hosted our podcasts for the last 100 episodes, I was informed that the company would be disbanding their service and that new podcast episodes could no longer be added. We have therefore migrated over to
which will hopefully prove to be more than just a temporary home. OK, I suppose neither of those points indicated that the podcasts would be in anyway improved, but its a new year, a new decade, and people are prone to making these kinds of rash, unsubstantiated claims at this time of the year. Anyway, here is the description for this week’s podcast:

“This week,
“”Rosemary Conley
tells us about her new fitness DVD and makes an announcement about her career. Leisure and marine PR person
“”Peta Stuart-Hunt
talks about how both the weather and the economy have affected the leisure and marine industry,, and gives mention to the recent news story about the paraplegic yachtsman who sailed the Atlantic Ocean. One of our top sport correspondents, Jane Clarke, has worked as curator of the Aintree museum for thirty years. She shares with us some horse racing facts, and talks about some of the horse racing memorabilia she has collected for the museum. And, have you suffered an ice or snow related accident that wasn’t your fault? You could have a claim, or could you? Charles Atha and Martin Demoily from
“”Atha and Co solicitors,
explain how the weather conditions can affect compensation claims.

Plus, presenter
“David Eagle
devises a new, quality game show for 2010, and takes on the persona of a magician.

It’s the new and improved ‘Southside Podcast’, back for 2010.”

And the download link for podcast 101 is:“here.

I’ll be back with some more news very shortly.

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