Youtube goes Metube! (Well it kind of works)

It’s a pretty huge and significant day in the video sharing website Youtube’s existence. Up until now they have enjoyed immense popularity from users worldwide, but there was still something missing; a noticeable gaping hole in the Youtube infrastructure. But now, all that is changing thanks to yours truly, David Eagle. I’m fixing a hole – as the Beetles said. A sentiment no doubt echoed by thousands of professional and amateur hole fixers around the world. Come to think of it, what is actually meant by “fixing a hole”? Instinctively I assume that this refers to a hole being filled, meaning that the hole is in actuality being destroyed. If they were really fixing the hole, then they should in fact be making the hole more of a hole, smoothing it off, giving it a general makeover, rather than filling it in. You don’t go to the garage to get your car fixed and assume the mechanics will destroy it do you? You don’t call out an engineer to fix your TV and expect them to smash it to smithereens do you? Do you? Well, answer me do you? … Exactly! So why is it so different when it comes to holes. I’m sorry, but this has really riled me. I’m going to set up a hole protection society. I’ll do a leaflet campaign. That’s if I can actually post the leaflets through your letterbox. If the hole fixers get their first, then they’ll fill up your letterbox with concrete and seal it. Think about that. The beetles should be held responsible for this. Just because they happen to be aware of how many holes it takes to fill the albert Hall, I don’t think that gives them a right to start taking liberties when it comes to holes in general.

Anyway, where was I? O yes. The hole in YOutube’s infrastructure is no more, thanks to me, because finally, I have set up a proper Youtube channel with loads of material from various podcasts etc. Here is the link.
There’s quite a bit up there all ready, but my plan is to add loads more stuff and keep adding to it (until I finally realize that no one is looking at it, curl up into a ball and recoil from the world, depressed). Why not tell all your friends about it. Chances are they’ll have a look, think it’s crap, come to the conclusion that you’re a weird, pathetic maniac for liking such rubbish, and never talk to you again. But that’s hardly a bad thing. Christmas is just around the corner, and fewer friend’s equals fewer presents to buy, making you financially better off. Plus you’ll have no one to go out with of an evening, saving you even more money. Then there’s all the money saved from the texts you won’t be sending, the phone calls you won’t be making, all the letters you won’t be writing (not that you can actually send them letters anymore, since the hole fixers came along and sealed up their letterboxes). Some advice for you there on how to beat the credit crunch.

I’m a bit worried that I’ve written my most ludicrous blog post ever, and that the main point of the post has been totally lost in my meanderings. I’d like to apologize if any of my old English teachers from school are reading. I know some of my sentences were very poorly structured and very lengthy, with a few too many commas. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. I’ll write my next blog post completely conforming to the iambic pentameter structure, and end with a rhyming couplet.

So just to recap, you can visit my youtube channel here:
I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, stay safe, and for god’s sake, keep an eye on your holes!

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