The Young’uns Podcast (by BBC Radio 2 Folk Award Winners The Young’uns)

Enter the world of The Young’uns, (Best Group at the 2015 and 2016 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards). The Young’uns Podcast includes highlights and the occasional embarrassing lowlight from Young’uns gigs, observations and recordings from on tour, live music and chat with guests, including the top names in folk, and an array of irreverent features.

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Podcast Episodes

Christmas 2015

Hark, hark, good news, the Christmas Young’uns Podcast is here! Lots of music and clips from our Christmas tour, a Christmas quiz in which we ask you to identify the TV sitcom from the Young’uns’ musical clues. And we invade a train with 300 of our friends to sing Christmas songs, led by the folk group Scuppered.

Merry Christmas!

Bob Sleigh Fox (07 Dec 2017)

Photo of Bob Fox

In this edition of The Young’uns Podcast, presented to you from a sleigh in freezing Western Canada, we feature music, mirth and meanderings with Bob Fox, recorded at our 2016 Singing Weekend in Beverley. Bob divulges stories about his time working on the National Theatre production of War Horse, talking about various onstage and offstage mishaps. He also opens up about his love affair with The Young’uns’ very own Michael Hughes. And we play a backwards game of Trivial Pursuit.

You can listen to our previous podcast with Bob Fox from 2014 here.
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The Erotic Dance of the Rolling Pin (with Quicksilver)

Photo of Quicksilver

This week’s guests are Quicksilver, comprising Grant Baynham, a regular contributor on BBC One’s That’s Life with Esther Rantzen in the 80s, and Hilary Spencer from the vocal harmony trio Artisan. As well as playing live for us, They share anecdotes of post-gig accommodation traumas, Grant talks about writing comedy songs for radio and his time on the TV with Esther Rantzen, and there’s a particularly patriotic Herbal Tea of The Week. There’s eccentric, flourishing guitar picking, soring vocals, hilarious wordplay, unsavoury stories, and possibly also unsavoury tea; but you’ll have to listen to find out whether that’s true.

The Young’uns Podcast Live in Suffolk with Gilmore & Roberts

photo of Gilmore & Roberts

This week’s guests are BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominated duo Gilmore & Roberts. Katriona Gilmore introduces us to her talking micropig. Herbal tea Of The Week makes a return. We rant about satnavs and kettles. And we discuss odd gig experiences.

The Young’uns Podcast in Australia

Photo of Sean and David looking out over Sidney Harbour Bridge

This week’s Young’uns podcast features highlights from our 2016 Australian tour. We receive some rather unusual heckles. We nearly become major Australian reality TV stars. We are thrown into panic due to a case of mistaken identity. We’ve an Australian themed game for you to try your hand at. Find out what caused one female audience member to lodge a complaint with a festival because of our “sexist” behaviour. And what the heck did Sean do to a Cockatoo?

The Young’uns Podcast Live From Folk East 2017 with Dan Walsh, Will Pound, Eddy Jay and Pete Flood

Photo of Sean and David laughing, Sean holding microphone while David does pottery

The Young’uns Podcast returns to the Folk East festival in Suffolk. There’s music, chat and games with Dan Walsh, Will Pound, Eddy Jay. Pete Flood is best known for his percussion skills, being the drummer in Bellowhead, but he’s also a keen botanist, which makes him the perfect guest for our inaccurately named semi-regular feature Herbal Tea Of The Week. And there’s a live pottery demonstration.

Go here to watch a video of the live on-stage pottery workshop

The Antiques Folk Show with Nancy Kerr, James Fagan, Richard & Jess Arrowsmith (AKA Melrose Quartet)

photo of Melrose Quartet

The Young’uns Podcast returns to Sheffield, to the Antiques shop Rileys & Co, for music, conversation and games with Sheffield’s Melrose Quartet. There’s another epic Space Attack battle, play along with our new game, Song charades, we discuss dreams, and there’s an exciting new biscuit based feature. Plus, what’s going on with James Fagan’s trousers?


The Young’uns Podcast in Canada (2016)

This week’s Young’uns Podcastt features our 2016 adventures in Canada. Take a soak with us in a hot tub; come with us as we embark on a perilous boat ride. Kiss a dog, or kiss lots of dogs, so long as you’ve got the cash to splash. We have fun with Pokémon and geese. It’s the return of the Birthday Game. And we meet Don, the drummer in the ridiculously named Canadian band, The Young’uns. So roll up, roll up, step right this way, although mind that pool of blood.


The Young’uns Podcast: Live from Sheffield with Roy Bailey and Neil McSweeney (October 10 2017

Photo of Roy Bailey and Neil McSweeney

Download the podcast here

The wait is finally at an end. The Young’uns podcast is back for another series. Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll take you with us to Canada, Belgium, Australia, and all around the UK. We’ll be playing you some of the more interesting bits that happened between the songs at our gigs. We’ll be chatting with and hearing music from lots of our folky friends . And we’ve got some new exciting features, as well as the return of some of the tried and tested classics.

This week we’re in Sheffield, in front of a live audience, with special Sheffield guests Roy Bailey and Neil McSweeney. Now 82, Roy looks back at his sixty years of singing folk songs, and shares stories about his friendship and collaboration with Tony Ben, and talks about his decision to hand back his MBE. Sheffield singer songwriter Neil McSweeney takes us to a land of cocaine and orgiastic revelry. As well as singing and chatting, Roy and Neil battle for glory in an epic game of Space Attack. All that and a lot more will grace your ears when you stream or download this instalment of The Young’uns Podcast. Thanks also to Paul Foster from Colchester for helping with this week’s Young’uns Podcast introductory jingle.

The Young’uns In The Mix – Live From Folk East 2016 (Where Folk Music And Pop Music Collide

photo of The Young'uns In The Mix live at Folk East

Prepare to enter a world where folk music and pop music collide. Where Michael Jackson flirts with British traditional folk music, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar join forces with Daft Punk, The Watersons share the stage with Van-halen, the Prodigy embrace sea shanties, and the Unthanks experiment with death metal.

At 2016’s Folk East Festival in Suffolk, David Eagle took to the decks to DJ, uniting the two disparate worlds of folk and pop together in unholy musical matrimony. This is what happened. Get ready to hear folk music like you’ve never heard it before. This is The Young’uns In The Mix!

Download The Young’uns In The Mix – Live From Folk East 2016, here


  • The Watersons – sound sound your instruments of joy
  • Young Tradition – Byker Hill
  • Britney Spears – Baby One More Time
  • The Watersons – Light Dragoon
  • Cuban Boys – Cognoscenti vs Intelligentsia
  • Nero – Me And You
  • Daft Punk – Digital Love
  • Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar – George
  • Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
  • Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson – Fire Marengo
  • The Prodigy – Spitfire
  • Missy Elliot – 4 MY PEOPLE
  • Nickel Creek – Smoothie Song
  • Kissy Sell Out – You’re on Fire
  • Van Halen – Jump
  • The Watersons “Hal-An-Tow”
  • Diana Ross – Chain Reaction
  • Add N to (X) – Monster Bobby
  • Watersons – Willy Went to Westerdale
  • Mr Blobby – Mr Blobby
  • Peter Bellamy – Bungay Roger
  • Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
  • Limp Bizkit feat Method Man,Redman & Dmx – Rollin’
  • Bellowhead – Roll The Woodpile Down
  • Limp Bizkit – Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle) –
  • Frankie Lain – Rawhide
  • Michael McGoldrick – Mackerel & Tatties
  • Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive
  • Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass
  • The Unthanks – Lucky Gilchrist
  • Venetian Snares – Nepetalactone
  • Venetian Snares – Hajnal
  • Dream Theater – The Glass Prison
  • Rachel Unthank & The Winterset – Lull 1: Newcastle Lullaby
  • Rachel Unthank & The Winterset – Lull 2: My Lad’s a Canny Lad
  • Roaring Forties – We Made The Steel
  • Swedish House Mafia – One
  • Countdown Theme
  • Isla Cameron – As I roved out
  • Muse – Time Is Running Out
  • Mawkin:Causley – Come My Lads
  • Madonna – Holiday
  • Alela Diane & Alina Hardin – Matty Groves
  • Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars
  • Treacherous Orchestra – Superfly
  • Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix)
  • The High Kings – Step It Out Mary
  • Nero – Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix)
  • Rachel Unthank & The Winterset – Blackbird
  • Michael Holliday – Oh Shenandoah
  • Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson – Goodbye, Fare Thee Well
  • 4Square – Follow The Heron
  • Chumbawamba – Buy Nothing Day
  • Exmouth Shanty Men – Bye-bye, my Roseanna
  • The Young’uns – Roll Down
  • Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson – Shallow Brown
  • Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson – Leave Her Johnny
  • Ewan MacColl – Joy of Living:
  • Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson – Farewell Shanty
  • The Spinners – Pleasant and delightful
  • Sonny_J – Sonrise
  • Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker, Peggy Seeger – The Engine Had Reached The Distance
  • Spoken word samples included Martin Carthy, Martin Freeman and Richard Hawley, and contributions from O’Hooley & Tidow, Gilmore & Roberts, Martin Simpson, Greg Russell, and The Hut People

The Young’uns Podcast: Live From Folk East Festival (September 1 2016)

The Young’uns Podcast is back! Our first podcast of 2016 comes live from the Folk East Festival in Suffolk, where we are joined by an enthusiastic audience, guests John Spiers, O’hooley & Tidow, and Sam Kelly. As well as songs and tunes, we play a game of Jenga, have a competition to see who can do the best impression of the characters from the children’s TV show Rainbow, play a geordie drinking game, and discuss all manner of miscellaneous claptrap. And even more exciting than all of that … It’s the return of Herbal Tea Of The week!!!

Download it here

The Young’uns Podcast End Of Year Clearance Sale

It’s the last Young’uns Podcast of the year, and the last in the current series until April 2016. So, in this podcast we are clearing out all our old stock, I.E. the remaining gig clips that are still lurking on the computer that have yet to be played, It’s very much the bargain basement equivalent of a podcast, but in a good way, hopefully.

David dons his dog collar to become the Reverend Eagle in order to convey a spiritual message for the new year. Plus, there’s some faeces based banter, conspiracy theories, and we discuss South American cuisine.

Download it here

Happy new year.

My Step Son Was Almost Run Over By Princess Diana, And Other Stories (Dec 16 2015)

This Young’uns Podcast episode is dedicated to Jake, a fourteen-year-old boy who wrote us a lovely long letter about how wonderful we are; he’s clearly going to go places.

Today we meet the man who’s step son was nearly killed by the People’s Princess. David is accosted by yet another overly-familiar lady. The Young’uns colaborate with a dubstep MC. We get trapped inside a fridge. We meet the audience member who’s maybe just a little bit too keen to get involved with the performance. We find out how the Young’uns’ music is responsible for uniting a lovestruck teenage couple. We meet some crazy Kate Rusby fans with a penchant for nursery rhymes. And there’s lots of sneezing, sniffing and stamping, plus a few complimentary leg puns.

Download it here

Thanks to Trevor from the folk group Rapsquillion for the Princess Diana story.

Strawberry Knickers (Dec 3 2015)

This week’s Young’uns Podcast is dedicated to the man at our gig in Honiton who rebuked us for being too much of a miserable band. David meets a child magician, Sean is lost for words, Maz O’Connor is feeling flummoxed, and Michael is just Michael. We introduce you to some revolutionary new technology. And the award for the worst venue we’ve played in 2015 is won hands-down by the Slaughtered Lamb in London. Find out why by listening to this edition of The Young’uns Podcast. And we start it all off with a cover of My Girl recorded in the pub after our BBC Radio 4 documentary earlier this summer, with Mark Radcliffe, Mark’s bandmate and radio producer Chris Lee and some other BBC folk.

Download the podcast here

Scratch And Sniff (Nov 25 2015)

Confusion reigns in this week’s Young’uns Podcast. David is accosted by an overly-familiar lady, and accidentally gets hitched. The Unthanks feature in The Young’uns RoadShow live from Somerset, and Artisan share an anecdote about accents. The Young’uns are depicted as cyclopses in a woman’s fantasy, we are grilled by an infant tabloid journalist, David discovers the true price of fame, and a piano gets inserted into an orifice. All that, plus proof of the existence of god, in this week’s Young’uns Podcast.

Download it here

No Celebrities This Week, Just Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, Sorry (12 Nov 2015)

Photo of Greg Russell gazing longingly into Ciaran Algar’s eyes

We head back to Bamfest in Bedale, which won The Young’uns award for the drunkest and most raucous audience of 2014, and, as you’ll hear in this week’s podcast, they haven’t at all mellowed, in fact, at one point an audience member offers to have David’s babies. Martin Carthy, Martin Simpson and John Tams feature in the dreams of Sean Cooney.
Michael Hughes is held hostage near Hull.
Greg Russell and ciaran Algar go head-to-head in the Birthday game.
And David is high, but on what? All will be revealed in this instalment of The Young’uns Podcast.

Download it here

David Punches Jeremy Kyle In The Face (3 Nov 2015)

photo of Jeremy Kyle

Last week, Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal sat next to us on a plane to Portugal. This week our paths cross with Jeremy Kyle, who was recording his show opposite the BBC Radio 3 studio in which we were recording a live session. Also this week, Ciaran Algar joins us in a pub to discuss dreams, we get interrogated by some posh children, the birthday game is back, and we play a new game, Guess The Tune On The bassoon.

Download it here

The Young’uns Podcast in Portugal, with Mike Harding, Lady Maisery and Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal(27 Oct 2015)

Photo of Louis Van Gaal

So far this year we’ve taken you with us to America, Canada and France, and this week we’re off to Portugal, to the Costa del Folk Festival.

Hear clips from our first ever aquatic gig, as we perform in the swimming pool, with the help of Lady Maisery – without instruments of course. Hear clips from our sangria fuelled late night gig, in which Mike Harding impersonates animals and insults the Welsh. Plus, find out what happens when Manchester United’s manager Louis Van Gaal sits next to us on the plane.

Download it here

Beetles, Belching, Bathroom, Billy Bragg, Ballads, Breakfast, Birthday Game, Brass, Burst Drainpipes, Bus, and Baa

We talk to a man in a pub about Beetle shit, David has a confession to make about behaving inappropriately on a bus, and the Birthday Game is back, only with a twist. All that and lots more on this edition of The Young’uns Podcast.

Download it here

The Young’uns Podcast in France (September 8 2015)

Photo of French flag

From Canada we headed straight to France, where we performed after fifteen hours traveling and thirty hours without sleep. This week, David attempts some french standup comedy, but gets his GCSE french a bit mixed up and inadvertently makes what might have appeared to be a pro-nazi declaration, and accidentally but frequently makes references to genitalia. All that and lots more, including music from Belgian brothers Trio Dhoore, in this week’s Young’uns Podcast from France.

The Young’uns Podcast In Canada

Picture of Ontario flag

This Canadian edition of the Young’uns Podcast contains a law breaking parrot, child-eating pagans and Bare-Breasted Motorcyclists, plus the Polish vocal quartet North Cape do an acapella version of the Game Of Thrones TV theme.


The Young’uns Anti-terror Campaign, Featuring The Archbishop of Canterbury and Maz O’Connor on Volcanos

Photo of Maz O'Connor

Things aren’t going too well for the Queen at the moment, what with last week’s Nazi Salute revelation, and even more upsettingly for her was the fact that last month she narrowly missed a Young’uns gig. This week we impart tales from our jaunt to Runnymede where we played at the Magna Carta event. We had some fun encounters with the police and a rather harassed Archbishop of Canterbury.

Joining us on that day was BBC Radio 2 folk award nominated Maz O’Connor, who makes some interesting noises for us and sings about a volcano.

Sean Cooney and David Eagle go head-to-head in the Birthday Game, and the Young’uns receive a couple of hauntings, from a pianist and an orphan child.

Download it here

The Young’uns Podcast, featuring Herbal Tea of the Week with writer Matthew Crampton, and music from the Cecil Sharp House Choir

This week’s Young’uns Podcast is dedicated to the lady who nearly got sacked for listening to the Young’uns Podcast at work. She’s also started having strange David Eagle dreams.

This week, Michael and David go head-to-head in the Birthday Game. The writer Mathew Crampton joins us for our first Herbal Tea of the Week, and in addition to helping us sample and pass comment on this week’s nominated herbal brew, he talks about and reads from his two published books, The Trebor Story and Tales From the Angler’s Retreat. We’ve got clips from our gig at Cecil Sharp House in London, which received a 5-star rating in the Guardian, in spite of the riot that nearly broke out. Plus there’s music from the Cecil Sharp House Choir.

Download it here

The Young’uns Podcast, June 4 2015, Featuring Alan Bennett

This week’s Young’uns Podcast is dedicated to the heckler who shouted out mid-gig to tell us to stop talking so much. Obviously this man lacks the cerebral capacity to comprehend the truly intellectual nature of our between-song-chats, the content of which we bring you on this week’s Podcast. Subjects include: circumcision, herbal tea, toilets and skeletons. Plus, there’s some out-of-date once-topical satire, and play along with Michael and David at guessing the age of the celebrity in the Birthday Game. And a Young’uns fan has a disturbing dream about David.

Download it here

May 21 2015, Featuring Alan Carr (dedicated to Captain Ken Stocks

Michael is insulted by an audience member in Morecambe, while David nearly kicks an audience member in Leeds. We put the fun into funeral. Sean imparts another of his dreams, involving Greg Russell and ice cream, but don’t worry, it’s not that kind of dream. And the award for most heckles in one gig goes to the grove folk club in Leeds.

Download the podcast here

The Award Winning Young’uns Podcast!

Since the last Young’uns podcast, we’ve won a series of awards including best group at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, meaning that I think we can now safely proclaim that the Young’uns Podcast is an award winning podcast; in fact, it’s the best folk podcast in the world ever!

This week: everything you never needed to know about David’s little finger; Michael is getting up David’s nose, literally; David has an interesting encounter at a urinal; a Young’uns gig turns into an episode of Call My Bluff, as we discuss the potential definitions of french words; The Young’uns are back on tour, and yet again it’s a rather physically intimate affair for us; on Thursday 14th May at 1130, BBC Radio 4 air the documentary which we are featured in presented by Mark Radcliffe, and after the recording of that programme we all communed in a pub to drink and sing Tom Jones songs; and there’s a song about a dog thrown in for good measure. All that and more on this week’s award winning Young’uns Podcast.

Download this week’s Young’uns Podcast here

Blowing the Unthanks’ Trumpet, With Mark Radcliffe (24 Mar 2015)

photo of Mark Radclife

After his success with beatboxing last week, this week David attempts to play the trumpet, instructed by The Unthanks trumpet player, Victoria Rule. She also introduces us to her sister’s dog who does an uncannily good trumpet impersonation.

Last week, The Young’uns recorded an interview and song for a BBC Radio 4 documentary with Mark Radcliffe. The recording took place in a pub in Northumbria, and afterwards Mark and bandmate Chris Lee joined us for a bit of a jam, and we bring you a couple of songs from Mark and Chris on this week’s podcast.

We’ve got clips from our time on tour with the Unthanks. We have an exclusive interview with the newest Unthank member, the thirteen month old son of Rachel Unthank and Adrian McNally, Arthur. And we share a couple of anecdotes about some strange accommodation we’ve recently stayed in.

Download it here

Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, presented backstage on the Unthanks Tour

Photo of Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin

This week’s Young’uns Podcast is presented backstage at the Unthanks tour, for which we are providing support. There’s music and chat with 2014’s BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winners Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, who talk about their music, their odd sleeping habits, and teach David how to beatbox. Josienne Clark and Ben Walker also make an appearance and get given the David Eagle beatbox treatment.

Download it here

Irish Mythen live from a hotel bedroom in Kansas City

Photo of Irish Mythen playing guitar

We’re on a mission to make the Young’uns Podcast a lot more sexy. Michael goes for a haircut, but gets a little bit more than he bargains for. Sean and David discuss adopting a child together. And we’re back in our hotel bedroom in Kansas city with another guest: flamboyant singer songwriter Irish Mythen.

Download it here

Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker Live from a Hotel Bedroom in Kansas City (27 Feb 2015)

Photo of Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker with instruments

This week The Young’uns present BBC radio 2 Folk Award nominees Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker live from a hotel bedroom in Kansas City. They play us a couple of songs and chat about their music, dreams, neurosis, children’s TV, and we collaborate on a couple of operatic numbers.


It’s Not Good News For Kangaroos. 18 Feb 2015

David has a dalliance with a lady of the night. But this does not alleviate his feelings of loneliness and emptiness, and so he desperately seeks companionship in a musical instrument repair shop. Michael underestimates the strength of the beer at Gainsborough folk club, resulting in a rather drunken performance. James Fagan provides aphrodisiac advice. We attempt to solve Britain’s homelessness situation. And we’ve music from and tributes to Ron Angel, a founding member of Stockton folk club, and one of the people who encouraged us to become The Young’uns. Plus, the return of the Folked-up Folk Song and clips from our gig at Butlins.


Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Feb 12 2015)

The Young’uns Podcast returns in 2015 with a new weekly series.

This week: Sean has a bit of a thing for the Fishermen’s Friends, while David is spotted holding hands with Sam Pirt from the Hut People; we once again delve into the mind’s of the Young’uns as we divulge another of our dreams; The Young’uns very nearly ruin a wedding; it seems as if manners is everything when it comes to Polish audiences, although, Sean does manage to rankle one Polish lady who takes umbrage with his geography; there’s music from the Young’uns, plus the return of our quiz, the Folked-up Folk Song, as well as the Young’uns Podcast’s crown jewels, James Fagan’s Talking Bollocks.

Download it here

Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast 12

We have a bone to pick with Eliza Carthy. Find out the true identity of the Young’uns; our darkest secrets are revealed by a palm reader. We play a couple of examples of Young’uns anecdotes gone wrong. We play clips from our gig at Bamfest which had possibly the drunkest audience we’ve ever played to. Award winning folk performer and qualified medical doctor James Fagan talks testicles in our new feature James Fagan’s Talking Bollocks, and Folk in Focus reveals James’s food preferences. And we see our Twelve Podcasts of Christmas series out with a beautiful rendition of a U2 song from our polish friends Brasy.


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast 11

Happy new year! 2014 has been an incredible year for us, one of the highlights being our very own folk festival, on Hartlepool’s Headland. On the eleventh Podcast of Christmas we bring you music and chat from the festival, from Polish Vocal harmony quintet Brasy, Greg Russell and ciaran Algar, the Hut People, and Mic and Susie Darling. We teach Brasy to speak Geordie, and introduce them to the Birthday Game. And we quiz Greg and Ciaran about their thoughts on matters biscuit.


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast 10

Today is our worst Podcast of Christmas so far; not in terms of quality (which conforms to the usual exceptional standard), but because of the fact that we’ll be discussing our worst and second worst gigs in our folk career so far, as well as the worst accommodation we’ve stayed in while on tour. It may be the season of peace and goodwill, but not in the Young’uns camp. Other subjects include the UK Independence Party, and the strangest raffle prize given out in a folk club. Music comes from a Young’uns Wilsons collaboration, and a Young’uns Oasis cover.


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast 9

In addition to another Sean Cooney dream (this time set in cold war Russia), we enter the minds of Jim Causley, and Ciaran Algar. The Young’uns provide a plentiful supply of toilet humour. Michael Hughes is a penguin beater. Music comes from Jim Causley, and Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar.


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast 8

Our top-class journalists will do whatever it takes (whether that be hacking computers or breaking into houses) to bring you the stories from the world of folk music that matter. Today, we unearth the tuth about folk singer, fiddle player, photographer and model Elly Lucas. Sam Pirt from the Hut People dispenses pineapple facts. The Young’uns have an alarming gig in Warwick. We bring you surreal animal-based ramblings. And what’s going on with Michael’s guitar?


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast 7

More Young’uns dreams, involving Mike Harding and a slightly erotic scene between two Young’uns. Curiosity might be what kills a cat, but the Young’uns seemingly have the power to make cats throw up. Young’uns Podcast brings you the latest folk news in Folk in Focus, getting to the stories that really matter in the folk world, such as Sam Sweeney’s sleeping habits and Barbara Dickson’s domestic arrangements. And we forge an unlikely partnership with some American sportsmen.


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast 6

There’s music from Bob Fox, Sunjay Brayne, and a collaboration with the Young’uns and Sam Carter. Sean Cooney takes us to a post-apocalyptic folk festival, David Eagle stars in the TV game show Countdown, and does Michael Hughes have a Nazi satnav?


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast 5

David Eagle attempts to create the world’s most cheaply and cynically produced football anthem. He also provides an unusual chat-up line for blind people, and causes confusion in the National Portrait Gallery. And there’s a boat load of wale puns, and a complimentary cat pun.


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast 4

Yesterday we brought you a dancing sheep, today it’s dancing hamsters. Mike Waterson and some dancing hamsters are today’s star attraction. There’s also an appearance from a triplet of BBC Radio Two presenters. Bob Harris flaunts his backside to protect himself against the hand of the law, and Mike Harding and Mark Radcliffe have a fight. Hiphop artist MC Squared provides some special Young’uns Podcast jingles. There’s some inappropriate behaviour with a Christmas tree going on, and Becky Unthank spills the beans about her favourite sandwich. But will that sandwich contain beans? Find out on the fourth podcast of Christmas.


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast Three

Our third Podcast of Christmas contains a lazy cow, a dancing sheep, some unusual comments from fans and music from the Spooky Men’s Chorale.


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. Podcast Two

Are the Young’uns gay and in a three-way relationship with each other? That would certainly explain those masculine moans coming from the bedroom that the three of them are sharing. Today, we discuss our sexuality and explain the source of those strange noises. We talk about our role as singing pirates in a film starring Catherine Tate, Vic Reeves, Miranda Hart and David Walliams. And the Young’uns try their hand at some pop songs, with interesting results.


Twelve Podcasts of Christmas, Podcast 1

It’s a highly educational start to our Twelve Podcasts of Christmas. The Young’uns take you to Dutch language school, and we hear a poem and story written and read by Hartlepool primary school children about the legend of the moving church. We also delve into biology as we analyse the Young’uns’ stomachs. Music comes from Sheelanagig, recorded at 2010’s Hartlepool Tall Ships Festival.


Young’uns Podcast, July 19 2014 (Caustic Bird)

The award winning folk performer and qualified medical doctor James Fagan is back to dispense more testicle trivia in James Fagan’s Talking Bollocks. The Young’uns seem to be malfunctioning, possibly due to the heat. We introduce you to another contender for the most eccentric Young’uns fan award. We share a couple of Glastonbury anecdotes, and a story about our time working in a Teesside primary school. David’s phone is attempting to rearrange his life, while Michael Hughes has embarked on uninteresting diet. We play a couple of clips from our late night gig at Otley Folk Festival which gets a little X-Rated. Plus, can you identify the folk song from the food-based lyrical clues as we once again play a round of the Folked Up Folk Song. And, we’ve brought you salad puns, we’ve brought you pig puns, now it’s egg puns!

All that and more will be yours when you press, click, tap, swipe, lick, kick or nuzzle the download link.

Download it here.

Young’uns Podcast, June 13 2014 (James Fagan’s Talking Bollocks)

James Fagan returns once more to the Young’uns Podcast, joining us on the phone to talk testicles. It’s the first in our new series in which the award winning folk musician and qualified medical doctor dispenses testicle-based trivia. Plus we’ve got clips from our recent appearance at North Yorkshire’s Bamfest, which takes the prize for the festival with the drunkest and most raucous audience. And once again, can you identify the folked-up folk song from the food-based lyrical clues?

Download it here.

Young’uns Podcast, June 1 2014 (National Pervert Day)

This week, we introduce you to some of the interesting people we’ve been staying with on our travels, including a radical vicar, a lady who keeps roadkill in a deep-chest freezer, a sculptor and a palm reader. And it is thanks to the palm reader that you can now discover the true identity of David Eagle, Michael Hughes and Sean Cooney. What dark secrets are housed in our palms? and what does our future hold? At our recent gig in North Boarhunt, the audience seemed rather keen for Michael to undress. Will he give in to public pressure? Find out why David has a bone to pick with Eliza Carthy. It’s the return of Folk in Focus, the folk news programme that brings you the stories that other folk programmes and publications just don’t have the balls or the journalistic nous to tackle; this week James Fagan is under the spotlight. And it’s also the return of the Folked-Up Folk Song; can you identify the folk song from the food-based lyrical clues? Music comes from our Polish friends Brasy, taken from their recent concert at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

Download the podcast here

Young’uns Podcast, May 6 2014, with the Hut People and Mic & Susie Darling

photo of Mic and Susie Darling and the Hut People

Our final Hartlepool Headland Folk Festival podcast features music and conversation with the world folk duo the Hut People, and Mic and Susie Darling who write and sing songs about their lives as traveling people. Step this way for budgie and biscuit based banter, exotic percussion instruments, outstanding accordion playing, harrowing and heartwarming songs and stories.


Young’uns Podcast, April 28 2014, with Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar

Photo of Greg Russell gazing longingly into Ciaran Algar's eyes

This week we bring you music and conversation with 2014 BBC Folk Award winners Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, recorded as part of the Young’uns’ Hartlepool Headland Festival. We chat about how they met, their repertoire, songwriting, weird gigs, philosophers and biscuits.

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Young’uns Podcast, April 22 2014, with the Wilsons and Polish Vocal Quintet Brasy

Photo of Brasy

The Young’uns return from ten days away from home, hosting their Hartlepool Headland Festival and then touring England with Polish vocal harmony quintet Brasy. In this podcast we bring you highlights from the last en days, with music and conversation from Brasy and the Wilsons. We teach Brasy Geordie in preparation for their gig in Newcastle, while Brasy attempt to teach us a very fast and wordy Polish song; plus it’s the Young’uns vs Brasy in the Birthday Game; the Wilsons share anecdotes from their time working with Sting and Jimmy Nail and hanging out with the likes of Paul Simon and Steven Spielberg; and there’s another chance to play at identifying the folk song in our game, the Folked-Up Folk Song.

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Young’uns Podcast, April 09 2014, with Greg Russell and Brian Blessed

Photo of a giant Brian Blessed about to eat Greg Russell

This week we introduce you to potentially the world’s worst weather forecaster; a trout becomes the star of a recent Young’uns show; we revisit another disastrous Young’uns gig; the rigours of touring starts to take its tole, and after weeks of bed sharing and living in each other’s pockets tensions start to manifest themselves onstage; David Eagle is getting loose at the Young’uns album launch; we annoy some geriatric conservatives; play along with Michael and David as they vie for supremacy in our new game, The Birthday Game, plus our new quiz returns for a second week, the Folked-up Folk Song; there’s an appearance from Brian Blessed; musically, there’s a collaboration between the Young’uns and Greg Russell, and a drunken version of Oasis’ Wonderwall from a pub in Scotland played on a horrendously out-of-tune piano and accompanied by children playing woodblocks and maracas. All that and more can be yours when you download this week’s Young’uns Podcast.

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The Young’uns Podcast: April 2 2014 (Poo Cruncher)


The Young’uns podcast is back, with a new quiz – Folked-Up Folk Song – some gargling, “highlights” from the worst gig the Young’uns have ever had the misfortune of doing. There’s a collaboration between the Young’uns and the Wilsons and a tribute to Pete Seeger. Plus we discover what’s lurking in a toilet in Stonehaven, and we receive a very unusual request.

Out With The Old, Part7

Our final Out With The Old Young’uns Podcast sees David threatening to murder the telephone operator; we have songs and poetry from David at the age of eight; there’s an anecdote about poo; plus, what do nuts, herbal tea, facts about art and walking all have in common?


Out With The Old, Part6

Our penultimate Out With The Old podcast features terrible poetry, anecdotes about hitch hiking, and a rather odd interview with some eccentric amateur radio operators. Plus, we mercilessly ridicule another folk radio show.


Out With The Old, Part5

In our fifth Out With The Old podcast: David has an unusual experience inside his backside, and embarrasses himself in front of Mike waterson; long before Britain’s Got talent featured them, the Young’uns Podcast was talking about dancing dogs; we attempt to introduce another feature to the Young’uns Podcast, which results in nearly giving a man a nervous breakdown; David gets very confused and loses his temper over a radio advert, and we present a mini radio drama, courtesy of the folk forum Mudcat.


Out With The Old, Part4

In our fourth Out With the Old podcast: the Young’uns are facing an identity crisis; Trevor returns with a poem about dogs; we’ve got another shambollic jingle attempt; find out why Andrew Lloyd Webber is indebted to a Dutch clock manufacturer; we play a very bad and very early Young’uns recording; plus, we discuss Jesus, bad MCs, mormons and Nursery Rhymes.


Out With The Old, Part3

Our third Out With the Old podcast features a ramshackle game of word association, an old dithery man and an orgasming lady. Sean Cooney is a film star; we recount a traumatic Young’uns performance; The YOung’uns In The Mix returns, mixing a sea shanty with the Prodigy, and we abuse call centre staff in the name of entertainment.


Out With The Old, Part2

Today’s selection of highlights from our first 100 podcasts, 2006 to 2008, include The YOung’uns In The Mix, David Eagle has a harrowing experience in an old people’s home, plus he is attacked by a mad dog, , Sean Cooney talks about his exploits in Greece, Michael Hughes’s intellectual prowess comes under scrutiny, and we play a game of guess the gargled folk song.


Out With The Old Special, Part1

Between August 2006 and August 2008, the Young’uns Podcast ran for 100 consecutive weeks. Given that these podcasts were released in the Young’uns’ infancy, and also given the lack of our presenting experience, some of the material in the podcasts were, quite frankly, ill-conceived, shoddy and shambolic; nothing like the quality content you get in the newer podcast episodes. Our Out With The Old series will salvage some of the more bare able sections of these podcasts and package them together over the next few days of episodes, before we then purge the Young’uns website of those first 100 podcasts. This is an opportunity to hear the Young’uns like you’ve never heard them before, and get to observe how we developed as a group and as podcasters over those two years.

In the first episode of the series, we find out why in 2006 Sean Cooney was the enigmatic YOung’un; We confuse drunk men and intimidate a Chinese girl; We arrogantly slag off a folk club organiser: there’s a unique quiz; we receive a message from beyond the grave; and we play a very embarrassing early Young’uns performance from 2005.


The Young’uns Podcast November 5 2013: Touch Me I can Make You See. (Our Most Intimate Podcast Yet!)

Photo of Young'uns lying in a double bunk bed

This Young’uns Podcast is our most intimate yet, as we discuss Michael’s medical problems, David’s backside, and our nostril hair, plus economising has meant that two of the Young’uns have had to share the one bed. David introduces the phone app that has revolutionised his life. We’ve got six weeks out-of-date biting satire. We inadvertently mock the dead. Music comes from Manchester’s new Sunday night folk club, as well as a Halloween based song from some primary school children in Hartlepool.

The Young’uns Podcast 127: Hey Kids! Leave That Teacher Alone! (James Fagan interview and music from Melrose Quartet)

Photo of Melrose Quartet


Last week it was penguin beating, this week it’s breast beating. David attempts to communicate with a blind dignitary using a secret language. We’ve got more dream analysis. James Fagan talks to us about his journey from medicine to music, and the folk supergroup Melrose Quartet, comprising James along with Nancy Kerr and Jess & Richard Arrowsmith.

The Young’uns Podcast 126: Penguin Beater


This week, the Young’uns embark on a thrilling adventure in Cold War Russia. We ruminate on the sexual antics of Morris dancers at Broadstairs Folk Week. We present a rather unusual theory about toilets. Our gig at the supposedly haunted Black Swan in York appears to have been attended by an ethereal celebrity, while a living celebrity leaves us in the lurch.

The Young’uns Podcast 125 (Jim Causley, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar)

photo of Jim Causley Photo of Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar


Yet again, The Young’uns nearly have a run-in with the police, only this time they implicate this week’s guests, BBC Folk Award nominated Jim Causley, and BBC Folk Award horizon winners Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar. We whisk them off in a car to an Asylum in Whitby where they do a live session, discuss their strange dreams, and take part in a Bruce Forsyth impersonation competition. It’s a very up-close-and –personal Young’uns Podcast; in fact, a lot more up-close-and-personal than perhaps Greg Russell bargained for.

The Young’uns Podcast 124 (live session and interview with the Hut People)

photo of the Hut People

Download here.

This week’s Young’uns Podcast is rather alarming; find out why. We recieve an odd interruption to our performance at Warwick Folk Festival. We meet a lady who has proclaimed herself the biggest Young’uns fan, although she’s got a strange way of showing it. The Hut People’s Sam Pirt returns to the Young’uns Podcast, but he’s not alone, nor is he featuring in a juice-related capacity. This week we have a live session and interview with the Hut People. Plus: Michael Hughes is having guitar-related issues, we heckle a priest, and there are a few dental-based puns for your delictation.

The Young’uns Podcast 123: It’s Juicy, It’s Lucy! (Interview with Lucy Ward)

Photo of Lucy Ward

Download here.

This week is a juice-fuelled Young’uns Podcast, as David Eagle is into the fifth day of his juice only detox. Sam Pirt from the Hut People offers encouragement and presents the final Juicer Minute. This week’s guest is 2012 BBC Folk Award winner Lucy Ward, who chats with us ahead of the release of her second album, Single Flame. And there are tangential flights of animal based whimsy from Sean Cooney.

The Young’uns Podcast 122 (with Theatre Maker Daniel Bye and Polish shanty group Brasy)

Download here.

This week, Elly Lucas from Gibb and Lucas is under the spotlight in Folk in Focus as we unearth a startling revelation. Sam Pirt from the Hut People is back with the penultimate Juicer Minute ahead of David’s detox, plus we speak to him about meditation. We talk with Theatre Maker Daniel Bye who we became acquainted with through our song the Battle of Stockton which forms a part of his recent project, the Story Hunt. We’ll hear about the story Hunt project as well as his other productions. And Michael’s sexual orientation comes under scrutiny once more. Music comes from Polish shanty quintet Brasy along with some exciting Brasy related news, and there’s a collaboration with the Young’uns and Marius from Brasy recorded at Northwich Folk Club last weekend.

The Young’uns Podcast 121: Michael is My Penetrater (Mike Wilson interview)

Download here

As the Young’uns Podcast increases in popularity among folk music fans, we realise the importance of not only entertaining, but also educating and informing. Our new item, Folk in Focus, brings you the latest folk news, the all important stories that Mark Radcliff, Mike Harding and folk magazines just aren’t covering. Yes, The Young’uns Podcast is now your go-to home for the latest folk music news! This week, we’ve got stories about Barbara Dickson, Kit Bailey and Bellowhead’s Sam Sweeney.

Also this week, the second Juicer Minute with Sam Pirt from the Hut People. We’ve got more surreal Young’uns dreams, this time featuring Paul Gascoigne and Mike Harding, and wrestling Young’uns. Mike Wilson talks about the Wilsons’ recent collaboration with Sting and their performance at the BBC Proms. There’s music and talking bits from the Young’uns and the Wilsons, collaborating as part of the Festival of the North East, and Sean Cooney introduces us to a song about the Suffragette movement written and performed by primary school children in Manchester.

The Young’uns Podcast 120 (first ever Juicer Minute and the John Ball Recruitment song is revealed)

Download the 120th Young’uns Podcast here.

This week is one half of a worm. That won’t make any sense unless you listen. Haha, now you’ll have to listen to find out, I’ve hooked you – just like a worm in fact. We feature two YOUNG’UNS and Wilsons collaborations (Young Banker and country life). We speak once again to John Hilsen, creator of the sport John Ball, as we reveal the Young’uns John Ball recruitment anthem. Sam Pirt from the Hut People introduces us to his Purple Pulse juice in the first Juicer minute. A couple of weeks ago it was Sean Cooney’s sexual orientation that was in question, this week its Michael Hughes under the spotlight. Plus there are clips from a Meet the Young’uns event at this year’s Bristol Folk festival.

The Young’uns Podcast 119: Cat Vomit (with Sam Pirt from the Hut People)

Photo of people playing John Ball

It’s a decidedly healthy Young’uns Podcast this week, as we talk nutrition with Sam Pirt from the Hut People, and there’s live sporting action with commentary and interviews from a John Ball event in Minneapolis USA. Sadly, it’s not such a healthy picture for a certain cat who sullied last week’s Young’uns gig at the Hardraw Folk Festival. Music comes from the Hut People and Gilmore & Roberts.

The Young’uns Podcast 118 (with Bob Fox)

Photo of Bob Fox

This week is a Bob Fox themed Young’uns Podcast, with two live songs and an interview with the man himself. We talk to him about the Radio Folk Ballads, playing the part of Songman in the award winning, critically acclaimed theatrical interpretation of Michael Morpurgo’s novel War Horse, and we also chew the cud about TV comedy. Plus we’ve a selection of Bob Fox themed clips from Young’uns gigs, taken from this year’s Chippenham Folk Festival and Bedale Acoustic Music Festival. Other subjects include Cats with Parkinson’s disease, the Pope and the sexuality of Sean Cooney.

The Young’uns Podcast 117: Hedgerow Appreciation Society (with Sunjay Brayne)

photo of Sunjay Brayne

This week’s special guest is nineteen year old, BBC Radio 2 folk award nominated singer and guitarist Sunjay Brayne who joins us live to chat and play us a couple of songs.

The Young’uns form an unexpected connection with American students. Never mind Sing John Ball, how about Play John Ball? We speak with John Hilsen from Minnesota as we reveal the circumstances that united us./p>

Plus we discuss eccentric amateur radio operators and who the Young’uns physically resemble.

The Young’uns Podcast 116: Nazi Satnav (with Sam Carter and Gilmore & Roberts)

Photo of The Young'uns and Sam Carter wearing Viking Helmets, holding table tennis rackets, standing next to a TARDIS and huge ornamental elephant

This week: The Young’uns have a minor run in with the police. We enter the mind of Sean Cooney as he journeys into a post-apocalyptic folk festival. What do Viking headwear, table tennis and the TARDIS all have in common? There’s live music from Gilmore & Roberts from Chester Folk Festival, and Sam Carter collaborates with the Young’uns. Plus we pay tribute to an old friend of the Young’uns Podcast, Martin Nesbitt, who died two weeks ago. We remember him through his comedy music and stories.

The Young’uns Podcast: Noel Coward’s Gunge Machine (with Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker)

Download the 115th Young’uns Podcast here.

The Young’uns have been involved in some inadvertent spying. We reveal some covert recordings taken from backstage at a recent Young’uns gig. Find out what venue staff honestly think about the Young’uns, plus they become extremely vexed by a mysterious voice. Sean Cooney introduces us to Baby Sam, who wiggles, giggles, skips, slips, jumps and dives through a crazy world of monsters, snakes and dinosaurs. The Young’uns in the mix returns, mixing a sea shanty with the Prodigy. And this week’s guests are Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, recently signed to navigator, whose album Fire and Fortune is released in July. We play a couple of tracks from the forthcoming album and chat to them about their music.

The Young’uns Podcast 114: Couples for Christ (with Gavin Davenport)


This week, the Young’uns are getting a bit shirty with each other. We’ve advice for anyone seeking to end their lives in a fun and novel way. David Eagle showcases his cheaply and cynically produced football song that is destined to make him a millionaire. Puns this week feature whales, Jesus and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Other subjects covered include the Holiday Inn Express, and nipples. Musicwise, we’ve got live Young’uns and a track from Gavin Davenport’s latest album, and Gavin joins us on the phone to talk about music and phone apps.

The Young’uns Podcast 113: I Smell Woman (featuring journalist and author Emma Hartley, and Jim Molyneux from 4Square and The Old Dance School)


Young’uns podcast fans, your time of grieving is over. We’re back with the first podcast of 2013, and the first in our new weekly series.

This week, we speak to journalist, author and folk music blogger Emma Hartley about her book Did David Hasselhoff
End the Cold War? and she reveals information about her work in progress. We talk cats with Jim Molyneux from 4Square
The Old Dance School. There’s a spontaneous Young’uns in the mix courtesy of Sean
malfunctioning car stereo. We reveal the football song with a difference. We discuss a rather unusual pulling technique witnessed on a London
train, and we’ve anecdotes about supermarkets and the National Portrait Gallery. Plus there’s music from 4Square and some live Young’uns.

The Young’uns Podcast 112 (Christmas on Cassette)


This week, David Eagle is back at his old home in Hartlepool. Limited equipment and temperamental technology means he has to resort to the unusual task of editing the Christmas Young’uns podcast on cassette tape.

Included in this hissy, clunky Christmas podcast: The Young’uns attempt some Christmas covers; we present the world’s worst Christmas album; The Watersons meet the wombles; and we join the X9/X10 bus Xmas party for some carols.

The Young’uns Podcast 111 (featuring Becky Unthank)


Not since the 99th Podcast in 2008 has there been a numerically palindromic Young’uns podcast. But four years later, here it is: the 111th Young’uns Podcast!

What do you get when you cross Mike Waterson with a Hamster? Becky Unthank talks about the Unthanks’ new album Songs from the Ship Yards. Mike Harding and Mark Radcliffe do battle. The time has finally come to reveal the Young’uns’ favourite sandwich; will we be united by the love of the same sandwich, or will our preferences differ? The Young’uns verbally abuse the people of Liverpool. And we bring you anecdotes about libraries and restaurants.

The Young’uns Podcast 110: MC squared Represents. Special guests Megson

Sun, 09 Sep 2012.

Featuring special guests Megson; A new story from Sean Cooney; some synchronised phoneme delivery; hip-hop jingles; obscure details about the Basten folk Club toilets; a recording from an incendiary Young’uns performance; Terrible Mike Harding impressions; a cold call; details about the Young’uns’ formative years; and a track from the Young’uns new album. It’s the 110th Young’uns Podcast, with a Yohoho and, of course, a pompompom. Listen to be enlightened.

The Young’uns Podcast episode 109 (Tony Chestnuts is Fantastic)

Wed, 04 July 2012.

We play a track from the Young’uns new album ‘When our Grandfathers Said No’, which is released in September on Navigator Records. We also give an insight into the recording of the album. Our special guest is Rebekah Findlay; two songs from her new album and a chat on the phone. We commemorate the Jubilee celebrations in our own unique style. We tell about how our folk music nearly killed a couple of children. Sean Cooney teaches us some primary school songs. It’s the first instalment in a new drama series exclusive to the Young’uns Podcast: we present the story of Iggy-Jiggy-Barbar the dancing sheep. And a Young’uns Podcast wouldn’t be a Young’uns Podcast without a few puns thrown in for good measure; this week it’s salad and pig puns – now we’ve got your attention.

The Young’uns Podcast Episode 108 (Super Waffle)

Mon, 06 Feb 2012.

The season of peace and good will is well and truly over; this episode of the Young’uns Podcast

features street brawls, battering rams, police arrests and dead cow exploitation. Other themes include Martians, wombles, singing vans and jungle adventures. Ruth Notman tells a “joke?”, a Dutch folk group steal all of the Young’uns songs, we attempt to get down with the youth (or yoof, depending on your school of thought). Plus there’s more recordings of the Young’uns performing over the summer festival season, including a couple of weary drunken late night gigs.

The Young’uns Podcast episode 107 (Better than Fish Fingers?)

Mon, 19 Sep 2011.

The Young’uns and friends gather round a piano to perform some interesting pop songs. We return to Holland to bring you more observations regarding Dutch culture, including the musical tastes of Dutch chavs, the toilet habits of Dutch men and some information about Dutch law. There’s the obligatory report from an Indian restaurant as we sample our most adventurous dish yet. What’s Martin Carthy’s favourite TV programme, we have exclusive news about the exciting new addition to the Imagined Village, and could folk music be the new cricket? Our featured folk group is the Tea Cups (the artists formerly known as the Dirty Tea cups); two songs and an interview with them. There’s also music from the Spooky Men’s Chorale and the Young’uns are joined byJackie Oates, Ruth Notman and Joan Crump for a Peter Bellamy shanty.

The Young’uns Podcast episode 106 (the Itch of the Golden Nit)

Thu, 28 Jul 2011

The Itch of the Golden Nit is a film produced by Aardman Animations the people behind Wallace & Gromit) and is the creation of thousands of UK-based children. The children chose the celebrities that they wanted to feature in the film. David Walliams, Catherine Tate and Miranda Hart are just some of the big names starring in the film. But perhaps most tellingly – indicating that this future generation is clearly going to be a much more enlightened lot – the Young’uns were also asked to appear. Of course it was the children who chose us; not some ignorant researcher who assumed that The Young’uns (based purely on the name) were a band consisting of children, only to find out the truth a bit too late, once we’d signed the contract.

Some people in the folk world may accuse the Young’uns of selling out, ditching mining songs and ballads about ship wrecks for the more commercially viable (and much more lucrative) film soundtrack work. This is of course complete nonsense. How could we have said no to those children? They would be heart broken if their number one celebrity choices snubbed them. Such a disappointment could destroy a whole generation, and could be the root source of future criminality and warfare. So we accepted – for the kids you understand, and for the stability of our planet – and did the song on the film. For those people who are still not convinced and are crying “sell outs”, take heart in the knowledge that the money we generated from the project went to good causes that folkies in this country will wholeheartedly support: the majority went straight into the real ale industry, namely the real ale tents at folk festivals – and we were happy to hand this money over in person whilst maybe having a couple of pint-sized samples of each real ale, just to make sure that we were definitely giving to a good cause. The rest of the money went to Seth Lakeman; and you can’t say that’s not a good cause.

The song that we sang for this film was about smelly pirates with hairy knees, and we were singing alongside Vick Reeves who played the pirate.

You can hear anecdotes about our filming experience, plus the song itself. We also speak to the film’s musical composer, John Brown who worked with children all over the country to create the songs. Jim Molyneux from the folk group 4Square played the drums on the smelly pirate song. We’ll be talking to him about the film and about his group 4Square. We also have music from 4Square and another live performance from the Young’uns.

Plus: What do female Morris dancers get up to in toilets?; a live musical performance from a choir who we happened upon in a takeaway; The Young’uns have a new idea for a cover song to add to their set (see what you think), and there’s another report from an Indian restaurant.

The Young’uns Podcast episode 105

Wed, 22 Jun 2011.

This week’s Young’uns podcast is a bit of a rollercoaster. In the emotional sense: as the podcast will inevitably have a big build up, only to come suddenly crashing down, leaving you feeling a bit sick and sore. But in addition to that allegorical rollercoaster, we feature an actual rollercoaster on the podcast (so I hope you appreciate the brilliance of that opening sentence; It works on so many levels – a bit like a rollercoaster really.)

Good news Mr. Harding; the audio treats continue. Following on from the roaring – or rumbling – success of the stomach noises item, we take things to their logical conclusion and move on to snoring.

Michael Hughes makes a urinal based observation.
Our special folky guest isGavin Davenport. We’ll be finding out what makes him tick – although we won’t be bringing you the audio of that ticking on this week’s podcast (maybe next time). And We’ll also hear a couple of songs from him.

The Young’uns are joined at the Gate to Southwell festival by Doctor Who and the Daleks.

It’s an unwritten rule (although that’s about to change because I’m about to write it) that the Young’uns must have at least one Indian meal at every festival or gig they do. This week is no exception, and so we bring you the first in a series of reports from an Indian restaurant.

So I hope all that curries favo

ur with you (and yes that was a deliberate pun).

The Young’uns Podcast episode 104 (Feet, fish, flirting, philosophy, fricatives and folk)

Thu, 26 may 2011.

The new summer series of the Young’uns podcast is here:

This week, we speak to Michael Hughes as he gets his feet eaten by fish; Mike shamelessly flirts with a woman cooking bacon just to get an extra rasher; we attempt an interview with a none-moving statue; are the Young’uns gay? We reveal all – possibly to each other. Plus: an escaping infirm cat, stomach noises and top tips for perverts. “But what about the folk?” (Well, if you insist.) There’s also recorded material taken from the Young’uns at Hardraw, Liverpool and Peterborough.<br

The Young’uns Podcast episode 103 (Hartlepool Tall Ships Festival 2010)

Wed, 30 Mar 2011.

In 2010, The Young’uns’ Sean Cooney committed a terrible act that we really can’t talk about. His sentence was to organise a folk event as part of Hartlepool’s tall ships festival alongside Hartlepool borough Council with oodles of red tape and risk assessment forms. Sean took this great responsibility like a man and did Hartlepool and the folk community proud, hosting an incredible event with an amazing list of performers. This Young’uns Podcast aims to capture the joys of the festival through recorded performances, interviews and various random happenings that took place over the festival.

There’s music from Polish Shanty group
world folk from
Mrs Trevor’s Deep Freeze Secrets,
the Askew Sisters,
Paul martin and Ian Mckoen. Plus there’s world-class kazoo playing from a children’s marching band; find out what folk musicians get up to late at night; we expose the folk group that have launched an attack on the blind; Michael Hughes dices with the law; The Young’uns get involved in some interesting collaborations, and of course there’s the obligatory smattering of puns. I could go on, but what’s the point when you can

The Young’uns Podcast episode 102 (Hild’s Tales)

Mon, 14 Feb 2011.

The Young’uns have been involved in a number of educational projects, teaching children about the history of Hartlepool and working with the children to create songs about what they have learned. We also take the children to visit old people’s homes and local churches to meet with Hartlepool’s older residents. The children ask questions about how their home town used to be and what has changed. This podcast features music, poetry and drama from Hartlepool primary school children, plus oral history from some of Hartlepool’s older residents.

The Young’uns Podcast episode 101 (The Young’uns in Holland)

Fri, 20 Nov 2009.

You can follow The Young`uns` adventures in Holland in this documentary, which features recordings from 2008 and 2009`s festivals. There are live sea shanties, random interviews with Dutch people, comprehensive Dutch language training courtesy of The Young’uns` language school, plus we venture into the Dutch ghetto to experience Dutch gangster rap.