Young’uns Podcast, June 1 2014 (National Pervert Day

This week, we introduce you to some of the interesting people we’ve been staying with on our travels, including a radical vicar, a lady who keeps roadkill in a deep-chest freezer, a sculptor and a palm reader. And it is thanks to the palm reader that you can now discover the true identity of David Eagle, Michael Hughes and Sean Cooney. What dark secrets are housed in our palms? and what does our future hold? At our recent gig in North Boarhunt, the audience seemed rather keen for Michael to undress. Will he give in to public pressure? Find out why David has a bone to pick with Eliza Carthy. It’s the return of Folk in Focus, the folk news programme that brings you the stories that other folk programmes and publications just don’t have the balls or the journalistic nous to tackle; this week James Fagan is under the spotlight. And it’s also the return of the Folked-Up Folk Song; can you identify the folk song from the food-based lyrical clues? Music comes from our Polish friends Brasy, taken from their recent concert at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

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