Young’uns Podcast, July 19 2014 (Caustic Bird)

Just when you thought your Saturday night was all planned, a new Young’uns Podcast is released, which changes everything!

The award winning folk performer and qualified medical doctor James Fagan is back to dispense more testicle trivia in James Fagan’s Talking Bollocks. The Young’uns seem to be malfunctioning, possibly due to the heat. We introduce you to another contender for the most eccentric Young’uns fan award. We share a couple of Glastonbury anecdotes, and a story about our time working in a Teesside primary school. David’s phone is attempting to rearrange his life, while Michael Hughes has embarked on uninteresting diet. We play a couple of clips from our late night gig at Otley Folk Festival which gets a little X-Rated. Plus, can you identify the folk song from the food-based lyrical clues as we once again play a round of the Folked Up Folk Song. And, we’ve brought you salad puns, we’ve brought you pig puns, now it’s egg puns!

All that and more will be yours when you press, click, tap, swipe, lick, kick or nuzzle the download link.

Download it here.

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