The Young’uns Podcast, Feb 12 2015 (Let Me Call You Sweetheart

The Young’uns Podcast returns in 2015 with a new weekly series.

This week: Sean has a bit of a thing for The Fisherman’s Friends, while David is spotted holding hands with Sam Pirt from the Hut People; we once again delve into the mind’s of the Young’uns as we divulge another of our dreams; The Young’uns very nearly ruin a wedding; it seems as if manners is everything when it comes to Polish audiences, although, Sean does manage to rankle one Polish lady who takes umbrage with his geography; there’s music from the Young’uns, plus the return of our quiz, the Folked-up Folk Song, as well as the Young’uns Podcast’s crown jewels, James Fagan’s Talking Bollocks.

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4 thoughts on “The Young’uns Podcast, Feb 12 2015 (Let Me Call You Sweetheart

    • Ah well, you get to savour that amazing feeling of anticipation. Plus, you can create the proper atmosphere when you’re at home: light some candles, do some yoga before hand to further enhance the experience.

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