What do you get when you cross the Chemical Brothers with Flanders and Swann? David Eagle’s Pick and Mix: episode 1.

So here it is, the first ever David Eagle’s Pick and Mix, just in time for the new Chinese year – the year of the rabbit, which should be manner from heaven for the promotions team at Ann Summers.

56 songs in a 40 minute mix. A DJ set that is designed to celebrate the universality of music: no genre dictations or restriction about the time period of the music. This is not a DJ
Set for the club; this is a DJ set for your ears, for your soul. I’m not trying to impassion you to char char slide to my beats, or wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care, or “oo oo” to the rhythm. I’ve just realised that I’m probably coming across as a pretentious snob, but the point I’m trying to make is that this is a mix designed for the music fan: someone who doesn’t bass their music preferences purely on a cultural identity – because a certain group of people say that a certain song or artist is “cool” or “the latest thing”.
My last blog post
was a fairly extensive explanation of why I wanted to release this project, so I think the best thing to do now is to just give you the links to listen and download and hopefully enjoy what I’ve put together.

I’ve provided a full tracklist of the music featured in the mix. There is also a link to a free Spotify playlist that contains most of the tracks in the mix. Not all the tracks are hosted on Spotify but I thought it would be good to provide a playlist with those songs that Spotify does have because a lot of the tracks are only featured in the mix for short periods of time and are generally mixed with other songs. Plus if you don’t enjoy my mixing, you can hopefully at least hear some quality music that you might have not heard before.

So then, here it is: David Eagle’s Pick and Mix: Episode 1.
Click here to listen
Click here to download.

And now on to the tracklist:

Eastenders theme
Sergei Prokofiev – Montagues and Capulets
Xzibit – X
J-Kwon – Tipsy
nina simone – feeling good
Bentley rhythm ace – bentley’s gonna sort you out
James Brown – I Feel Good
Chemical Brothers – Music Response
Flanders and Swann – The Wompom
Pendulum – Slam
Queen – We will Rock You
C. C. S – Whole Lotta Love (Top of the Pops theme)
Faith No More – Epic
Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On
Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child
Negativland – Moments to Remember Raining Hard etc
Dream Theater – Home
The Flashbulb – Kirlian Shores
System of a Down – Arto
The Offspring – Pay the Man
Bjork – It’s Oh So Quiet
Venetian Snares – Boarded Up Swan Entrance
The Flashbulb – My Life of Loving Ghosts
House of Pain – Jump Around
Bubba Sparxxx – Ugly
Kid Carpet – Jump
OPM – Heaven is a Halfpipe
CKY – Quite Bitter Beings
Papa Roach – Last Resort
Daft Punk – Oh Yeah
Soulwax – Too Many Djs
Aquabats – I fell Asleep on my Arm
Korn – Freak on a Leash
dizzee rascal – Fix up, Look Sharp
RUN-DMC – Walk This Way
Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You
Focus – Sylvia
Max Tundra – Labial
The Beatles – A Day in the Life
Dusty Springfield – Son of a preacher man
Buffalo Springfield – For What Its Worth
Skee-lo- I Wish
The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
Kelis – Milkshake
High Rankin – Dont Carry On Like A Rude Boy when Daddy’s got a Yacht
Pendulum – Set me on Fire
BT – Every Other Way
Crosby Stills and Nash – Carry On”
Gorillaz – 5/4
Canned Heat – On the Road Again
Booker T & The MGS – Green Onions
The Mojo Men – She’s My Baby
Kansas – Carry on Wayward son
Muse – Knights of Cydonia
Wolfmother – Woman


You can hear a free Spotify playlist
Featuring many of the tracks in the mix

That’s all for now. I already have the next mix entirely planned out in my head, but I think the next project might be the first
Youngun’s Podcast
of 2011. I’ll be back with a blog post (probably written from a bus) very soon.

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