Well if you wanna know if he’s Eskimo, it’s in his kiss, that’s where it is

I am please to report that I have already started receiving nose rubbing videos from people. Thank you to everyone who has emailed me so far. I didn’t expect such a positive response in the first 24 hours of making the request.

Since posting my blog yesterday, I have been contacted by someone who has offered to do a dance remix of the Eskimo kissing song. I have since communicated with him and have suggested that he tries and creates a mainstream sounding pop dance track that we could use as the real version of the song. As I said in my first blog post about the song, this current version will probably only serve as the demo song. It was an expedient recording made in under 8 hours. It probably won’t capture the mainstream pop market. The current version sounds quite sixties; we need something modern and poppy so that it will translate to the masses. I was sent some clips of this person’s previous work, and I am confident that he will be able to produce a really good dance track.

Another thing I think we need in order to capture people’s interest is a catchy band name. David Eagle doesn’t sound novelty enough I don’t think. So I’ve decided that the name of the group who sing the Eskimo Kissing Song is called the Kisser Chiefs. It’s OK, I know I’m a genius; you don’t have to worry about letting me know.

I have also bought the domain names eskimokissing.co.uk and thekisserchiefs.co.uk. I think this will come in useful at a later date.

I have also designed a Tee-shirt promoting the Eskimo Kissing song which I intend to frequently wear. I have ordered loads of blank CDs, and I have plans for utilising these to spread the message about the Eskimo Kissing Song. We also need flyers and leaflets.

So that’s a brief progress report. I just wanted you to understand that the momentum is well and truly building, just in case you were doing something stupid like not taking this whole thing seriously. Don’t doubt it people. I’m 100 % serious. So get involved. You nose it makes sense!

Please continue to send me your nose rubbing videos and “nosey nosey” audio recordings. My email address is david@davideagle.co.uk

I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Till then, get rubbing those noses.

download it here. You can read this blog post about how it all began.

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