Vick Reeves, Hairy Knees and the Weakest Link

All of my blog posts this year have been composed from busses. I’ve decided to write this post somewhere different than a bus to see if it alters the way I write at all. See what you think. I am writing this post at the Sage theatre in Gateshead, in the cafe area, about to do a rehearsal.
The Young’uns
got an invitation to be on the soundtrack of a film that apparently features
David Walliams,
Vick Reeves,
Catherine Tate,
Miranda Hart
Harry Hill.
Apparently we’re singing a duet with Vick Reeves about stinky pirates with hairy knees; as you do.
I don’t think we’ll actually be meeting Vick Reeves; I think he’s recording his bit in London. I’m sure he’ll be very disappointed when he finds out that we’ll be recording our parts in the North East,.

So that’s the “Vick Reeves, hairy knees” part of the title explained. The weakest link” part is to do with a radio link that I heard while in a taxi last Friday afternoon. It was the link just before the news, and the presenter obviously wanted to try and do a clever segway between the last song (the Scissor Sisters and I don’t Feel like Dancing) into the news bulletin where the main story was the overthrowing of president Mubarak in Egypt. I don’t have a recording of the actual broadcast and so I’ve re-enacted it for you with just a tiny bit of extemporisation and exageration.

On a “weakest link” theme, my friend Ben went to Anne Robinson’s house on New Year eve as part of his band who were asked to perform for the guests. Unfortunately they didn’t use “the weakest link” theme as a riff throughout their songs which is what I would have done.

And you thought I was just an ordinary bloke. O no, I’ve got friends who play gigs at Anne Robinson’s house, and my band are singing a song with Vick Reeves about Stinky pirates with hairy knees.

We record the song for this film on Tuesday so I’ll tell you more about it in my next post.

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