Tiz the season of peace and good will; but not necessarily between radio presenters and x-footballers.

Last weekend was the Manchester city/united derby. Towards the end of the dramatic game, a city fan broke on to the pitch, and another spectator threw a one pence coin on to the pitch which struck Rio Ferdinand in the face and left a cut above his eye,

On Monday’s BBC 5 Live breakfast programme, they were discussing the incident and some people were calling and texting in to say that players have to be held partly responsible for these incidents because they go up to the opposing fans and celebrate in front of them. They put this point to Danny Mills earlier in the programme who gave his opinion on the matter. Later they had former Manchester United player Paddy Crerand on the phone and they put the same point to him. His response was somewhat unorthodox and unexpectedly hostile towards the presenters.

Far be it for me to suggest that he was in anyway inebriated, but he was evidently very confused, angry and was slurring his words. Looking on his website, I notice that Paddy hasn’t actually posted anything since October last year, so who knows what’s going on in his personal life. Whatever the story is, the interview made for very funny listening, and I thought I’d share it with you.

Download/listen here.

A word of warning to parents: there are rumours that Paddy Crerand is this year’s Santa Claus in Manchester town centre. Keep your kids away!

I’ll be back next week with my second festive audio blog post and the Christmas Young’uns Podcast, providing I haven’t been hunted down by an enraged Paddy Crerand.

P.S. the spellchecker in Microsoft Word tries to change “Crerand” to “cretin”. No wonder he’s so angry if he has to put up with that kind of thing. How would you feel if you were constantly insulted by Microsoft? No wonder he’s turned to drink. Spare a thought for Paddy Crerand this Christmas.

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