The Young’uns Podcast: Strawberry Knickers

This week’s Young’uns Podcast is dedicated to the man at our gig in Honiton who rebuked us for being too much of a miserable band. David meets a child magician, Sean is lost for words, Maz O’Connor is feeling flummoxed, and Michael is just Michael. We introduce you to some revolutionary new technology. And the award for the worst venue we’ve played in 2015 is won hands-down by the Slaughtered Lamb in London. Find out why by listening to this edition of The Young’uns Podcast. And we start it all off with a cover of My Girl recorded in the pub after our BBC Radio 4 documentary earlier this summer, with Mark Radcliffe, Mark’s bandmate and radio producer Chris Lee and some other BBC folk.

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5 thoughts on “The Young’uns Podcast: Strawberry Knickers

  1. We saw you at Slaughtered Lamb – accompanied by carbon monoxide alarm! Well done lads for such a great performance despite the annoying beep❗️ Please do Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2016 or do some gigs on the South coast❓[?][?]

    • Fear not Andy, we’ll be knocking about in your area some point next year. We’ll be announcing some of next year’s gigs this Monday.

  2. Too miserable??? Is he unaware of the British Condition? Joy comes from misery; misery lies at the core of ecstasy. Your show takes people to a new dimension, almost a spiritual one. Keep it going!

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