The Young’uns Podcast: Scratch And sniff

Confusion reigns in this week’s Young’uns Podcast. David is accosted by an overly-familiar lady, and accidentally gets hitched. The Unthanks feature in The Young’uns RoadShow live from Somerset, and Artisan share an anecdote about accents. The Young’uns are depicted as cyclopses in a woman’s fantasy, we are grilled by an infant tabloid journalist, David discovers the true price of fame, and a piano gets inserted into an orifice. All that, plus proof of the existence of god, in this week’s Young’uns Podcast.

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2 thoughts on “The Young’uns Podcast: Scratch And sniff

    • Thanks Katherine. I suppose this means we’ll have to call off that night of passion which I’d agreed to as your commission fee for coming up with podcast items. Although, come to think of it, we’d probably get away with it, after all, it’s not as if she’d hear about it, and even if she did she’d probably forget after a few minutes. That’s the advantage of marrying a deaf lady in her late eighties.

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