The Young’uns Podcast Returns!

It was around this time last year when myself and
fellow Young’un Sean Cooney
were working on a community arts project, going into some of Hartlepool’s primary schools to teach children about the history of Hartlepool. Regular listeners to the
Young’uns podcast
Will be aware that Sean works as a community artist, going into schools to teach sea Shanties and traditional folk songs.

The Young’uns
have been involved in a number of educational projects, teaching children about the history of Hartlepool and working with the children to create songs about what they have learned. We also take the children to visit old people’s homes and local churches to meet with Hartlepool’s older residents. The children ask questions about how their home town used to be and what has changed. This is obviously a valuable experience for the children and a tremendously rewarding one for the older residents, who relish the opportunity to impart stories about their own childhood.

At the start of 2010, Sean was commissioned to work on a project that taught primary school children about the history of Old Hartlepool; They were then helped to write songs, poems and stories about what they had learned. The children also interviewed Hartlepool’s older residents. Sean also got them to act in a traditional folk play known as a Mummers’ play. I was commissioned to record the whole thing and compile it all on to a cd.

We will be recording new Young’uns podcasts soon but I thought that since we’ve got loads of material we haven’t released yet, it would be sensible
To release these podcasts first before recording new episodes. Next week, we release a podcast that covers the Hartlepool Tall ships festival that occurred last summer, but this week we release the cd that covers 2010’s community arts project: Hild’s Tales: stories of old Hartlepool through music, drama and oral history.

This wasn’t originally intended as a Young’uns podcast but as a cd which was sent to the funding body who supported the project as evidence that we were doing our job; so you’ll hear a much more serious David Eagle than you normally would.
Click here to listen,
click here to download.

Well, you can’t say that this blog doesn’t have variety;
My last post was a DJ mix
and this week it’s a community arts project featuring primary school children. What will the next post bring? Will I be on a bus? Find out, soon!

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