The Young’uns Podcast: My Step son was almost run over by Princess Diana, And Other Stories

This Young’uns Podcast episode is dedicated to Jake, a fourteen-year-old boy who wrote us a lovely long letter about how wonderful we are; he’s clearly going to go places.

Today we meet the man who’s step son was nearly killed by the People’s Princess. David is accosted by yet another overly-familiar lady. The Young’uns colaborate with a dubstep MC. We get trapped inside a fridge. We meet the audience member who’s maybe just a little bit too keen to get involved with the performance. We find out how the Young’uns’ music is responsible for uniting a lovestruck teenage couple. We meet some crazy Kate Rusby fans with a penchant for nursery rhymes. And there’s lots of sneezing, sniffing and stamping, plus a few complimentary leg puns.

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Thanks to Trevor from the folk group Rapsquillion for the Princess Diana story.

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7 thoughts on “The Young’uns Podcast: My Step son was almost run over by Princess Diana, And Other Stories

  1. Thank you for that David. The plot thickens – my own son has just told me that he was almost run over in Corporation Street, Birmingham, by the two erstwhile Gladiators, Wolf and Saracen. He obviously wasn’t ready.

    • I think you might have to start considering that there is a celebrity vigilante movement against your family, albeit, a very hotchpotch and lacklustre movement. We need to find a common link between the two gladiators and the People’s Princess, and we might be on to discovering what’s behind all this.
      Merry Christmas my friend. See you in the new year.

    • I’ve passed your details on to Ciaran for his new motorMouth feature on his uni radio show. He’ll be in touch. He records at 3am. Prepare to receive his call, and if you could have anecdotes prepared on the following topics: a funny thing happened to me the other day on the M5; my favourite hard shoulders, and, Who’s Lane Is It Anyway? (a lighthearted discussion about lane hogging incidents and rights of way). Be ready from 3am.

      • Ooh, excellent. I just know Ciaran’s going to love my idea for a new folksingers satnav device named Get Me To The Gig On Time. It will be voiced by Flossie Mallavialle (since she speaks better English than the rest of us), and will incorporate a special safety feature whereby, if you break the speed limit, you have to wait for the next instruction until after Martin Carthy has finished tuning his G-string.

        • Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift. Let’s add it to the list of Young’uns LTD technological inventions, along with the Strawberry KnickersĀ©, the DicktionaryĀ© and ThiesaurusĀ©. Oh dear, I suppose this brings us back to the subject of commission, but perhaps, this time, that’s best discussed privately.

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