The Young’uns Podcast: David Punches Jeremy Kyle In The Face

photo of Jeremy Kyle

Last week, Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal sat next to us on a plane to Portugal. This week our paths cross with Jeremy Kyle, who was recording his show opposite the BBC Radio 3 studio in which we were recording a live session. Also this week, Ciaran Algar joins us in a pub to discuss dreams, we get interrogated by some posh children, the birthday game is back, and we play a new game, Guess The Tune On The bassoon.

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8 thoughts on “The Young’uns Podcast: David Punches Jeremy Kyle In The Face

  1. …. and if the celebrity declines the hobnob, they may declared an honorable Jammy Dodger! (the word honorable being optional since anyone declining a Young’uns Hobnob is hardly behaving honourably.

    • I’m starting to get a bit concerned that you’re putting more effort into feature ideas for the podcast than me.

      If we get nominated for next year’s Folk Awards then this will be the perfect setting for a mass Celebrity Hobnob attempt. Hopefully there’ll be some Folk Award judges reading this and undoubtedly this will be all the encouragement they need to vote for us. They may hate our music, but the prospect of having us hoist hobnobs onto unsuspecting celebrities while covertly recording conversations with them is too much of an allure.

  2. Last night I dreamed I was at a Young’uns gig, and Michael hadn’t turned up. Naturally you asked me to fill in for him. I agreed, despite really needing the toilet, but I couldn’t remember any of the words or reach the high notes, so I just warbled along in an operatic manner. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, but eventually Sean pushed me off the stage. And then I woke up. And went to the toilet.

    Make of that what you will.

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