The Young’uns Podcast 120 (first Juicer Minute and John Ball Recruitment song).

This week is one half of a worm. That won’t make any sense unless you listen. Haha, now you’ll have to listen to find out, I’ve hooked you – just like a worm in fact. We feature two YOUNG’UNS and Wilsons collaborations (Young Banker and country life). We speak once again to John Hilsen, creator of the sport John Ball, as we reveal the Young’uns John Ball recruitment anthem. Sam Pirt from the Hut People introduces us to his Purple Pulse juice in the first Juicer minute. A couple of weeks ago it was Sean Cooney’s sexual orientation that was in question, this week its Michael Hughes under the spotlight. Plus there are clips from a Meet the Young’uns event at this year’s Bristol Folk festival.

Download the 120th Young’uns Podcast here.

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