The Young’uns Podcast 108 (Super Waffle)

The Young’uns Podcast 108 (Super Waffle):The season of peace and good will is well and truly over; this episode of the Young’uns Podcast features street brawls, battering rams, police arrests and dead cow exploitation. Other themes include Martians, wombles, singing vans and jungle adventures. Ruth Notman tells a “joke”, a Dutch folk group steal all of the Young’uns songs, we attempt to get down with the youth (or yoof, depending on your school of thought). Plus there’s more recordings of the Young’uns performing over the summer festival season, including a couple of weary drunken late night gigs. Click here to download.the current podcast channel will be being replaced in the next month or two because the people who design the website have seemingly decided they don’t want blind people using it and have therefore made it massively inaccessible. So I’m afraid you’ll have to do things the old-fashioned way. I know it’s a laborious, arduous task having to manually click a download link, I’m sorry. There is also currently no link to stream the podcast or archived download link because that website has also decided they don’t like blind people. What did we poor blind folk do to upset the Internet?I’ll be back soon with a blog about chickens.

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