The Young’uns Podcast 107 (Better than Fish Fingers?)

The Young’uns and friends gather round a piano to perform some interesting pop songs. We return to Holland to bring you more observations regarding Dutch culture, including the musical tastes of Dutch chavs, the toilet habits of Dutch men and some information about Dutch law. There’s the obligatory report from an Indian restaurant as we sample our most adventurous dish yet. What’s
Martin Carthy’s
favourite TV programme, we have exclusive news about the exciting new addition to
the Imagined Village,
and could folk music be the new cricket? Our featured folk group is
the Tea Cups
(the artists formerly known as the Dirty Tea cups); two songs and an interview with them. There’s also music from
the Spooky Men’s Chorale
and the Young’uns are joined by
Jackie Oates,
Ruth Notman
and Joan Crump for a
Peter Bellamy

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