The Christmas Southside Podcast is here!

Once more I return with another festive gift. The Christmas Southside Podcast has been released.
Here’s the dowload link
and here is the description:

The Southside Podcast returns with a rather festive feel – which is fortunate as it’s Christmas. Guests include top-class newsreader Angela Rippon, Rupert Adams from ‘William Hill The Buckeyes’, award winning television director Graeme Harper, and The Nolans. Plus: Christmas chemistry carrels; sing along to the classic carol ‘Away In A Spectrometer’, and traditional Christmas singing courtesy of the Stockton folk club, and there’s jingle bells as sang by a five-year-old child who gives us her interpretation of Christmas.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Southside.

And I’d like to again extend a merry christmas to you all. I’m making it my new year’s resolution to blog a lot more frequently.

Merry Christmas!

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