The 98th Southside Podcast

Well, it’s all happening here folks – or at least three quarters of it is anyway. The Holland documentary should be complete very soon, I’ve got loads more stuff to go up on
The Youtube channel
and I’ve got the 98th ‘Southside Podcast’ uploaded. Here’s the description:

Ever wondered what is meant by a ‘Systems Management Engineer’? No? Well never mind, you’ll find out on this week’s Southside Podcast as we speak to ‘Systems Management Engineer’ Ken Evans, who attempts to explain how he could save businesses millions of pounds, but then gets a bit sidetracked talking about aquatic life and 17th century philosophers. Ken also tries to teach renowned actor
Shane Rimmer
a thing or two about business, while performing a hilarious comedy double act routine alongside
comedian Charlie Ross.
Journalist John Pilger
talks about how the media can shape the political agenda
and public opinion. All this, plus lude insinuations, and a complimentary text message when you
download the 98th Southside Podcast.

I’ll be back with a new blog post very shortly, but now I’ll leave you with the set-up of a joke/riddle I’ve just thought up, all on my own, without any help.

“What do deep sea divers, male homosexual prostitutes and investigative journalists all have in common?” …
I’ll give you the punch line in my next post. In the meantime, stay safe, and stay true to the Cores – especially Sharon.

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