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The 106th Young’uns Podcast is finaly here.
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The Young’uns Podcast 106 (The Itch of the Golden Nit)

The Itch of the Golden Nit is a film
produced by
Aardman Animations
(the people behind
Wallace & Gromit)
and is the creation of thousands of UK-based children. The children chose the celebrities that they wanted to feature in the film.
David Walliams,
Catherine Tate
Miranda Hart
are just some of the big names starring in the film. But perhaps most tellingly – indicating that this future generation is clearly going to be a much more enlightened lot – the Young’uns were also asked to appear. Of course it was the children who chose us; not some ignorant researcher who assumed that The Young’uns (based purely on the name) were a folk group consisting of children, only to find out the truth a bit too late once we’d signed the contract.

Some people in the folk world may accuse the Young’uns of selling out, ditching mining songs and ballads about ship wrecks for the more commercially viable (and much more lucrative) film soundtrack work. This is of course complete nonsense. How could we have said no to those children? They would be heart broken if their number one celebrity choices snubbed them. Such a disappointment could destroy a whole generation, and could be the root source of future criminality and warfare. So we accepted – for the kids you understand, and for the stability of our planet – and did the song on the film.

For those people who are still not convinced and are crying “sell outs”, take heart in the knowledge that the money we generated from the project went to good causes that folkies in this country will wholeheartedly support: the majority went straight into the real ale industry, namely the real ale tents at folk festivals – and we were happy to hand this money over in person whilst maybe having a couple of samples of each real ale, just to make sure that we were definitely giving to a good cause. The rest of the money went to
Seth Lakeman;
and you can’t say that’s not a good cause.

The song that we sang for this film was about smelly pirates with hairy knees, and we were singing alongside
Vick Reeves
who played the pirate. You can hear anecdotes about our filming experience, plus the song itself. We also speak to the film’s musical composer,
John Brown
who worked with children all over the country to create the songs. Jim Molyneux from the folk group
played the drums on the smelly pirate song. We’ll be talking to him about the film and about his group 4Square. We also have music from 4Square and another live performance from the Young’uns.

Plus: What do female Morris dancers get up to in toilets?; a live musical performance from a choir who we happened upon in a takeaway; The Young’uns have a new idea for a cover song to add to their set (see what you think), and there’s another report from an Indian restaurant.

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