Ten Years of the Young’uns

Firstly, thank you to everyone who came to my Eagle Is Candid night at English Martyrs School in Hartlepool. I was quite taken aback by how many students were in attendance, which I hadn’t really expected. I was slightly concerned that some of the subject matter might be a little risqué for such an audience, but there was no time to sensor what I’d planned and so references to lesbian sex and bare breasts remained.

I’ve had a few people ask me if I’ll be putting the recording online. My intention is to develop some of the ideas from the night into a fully formed standup set, and so I don’t intend to put this fledging incarnation online. I put a lot of the comedy bits from gigs on Young’uns podcasts, and often this means that an idea only gets tried out once before I bung it straight online, meaning that it doesn’t get a chance to develop into something better and more elaborate. Although this does have its advantages; it means I have the challenge of generating enough new material at gigs to fill a podcast, which is exciting.

Talking of the Young’uns podcast, we should have a new podcast uploaded this month. I’ve been touring for the last fortnight and so we’ve got loads of clips.

Anyway, the primary purpose of this blog is to alert you to some articles that we’ve written for the folk website Spiral Earth. The final two articles were written by me and chronicle ten years of the Young’uns, with some insights and anecdotes that you’ll hopefully find amusing. The articles can be read here.

Enjoy. Back soon.

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