Taking the Eskimo Kissing Song to number one by the end of this weekend.

As the title of this blog post suggests, I want to get the Eskimo Kissing song to number one by the end of this weekend. It would obviously be nice if the song itself could attain a number one chart position, but I think realistically we’ll have to wait a few months before that’s going to happen. However, there is another chart topping position that I would like us to focus our immediate attention on.

On Wednesday, I Googled the search term ‘Eskimo Kissing song’. The top results for this search query indicated that the band The Kooks have released a song called ‘Eskimo Kiss’. I was however pleased to note that my blog posts about the song occupied position 15. Not bad, I thought, especially since I’d only blogged about the song a week ago. I was even more pleased the following day to note that I had moved up the results to position 10. I have just checked today, and the Eskimo Kissing Song is now 3rd, with the Kooks still occupying the first two spots. But that is all about to change, because it’s time for all of you to take action.

You can make a difference. All you need to do is go to Google and search for ‘the Eskimo Kissing Song’. Then when you find my blog post in the search results, click on the page. That’s all you have to do. If you like, you can tackle Yahoo, bing and the other search engines, but let’s primarily concentrate our efforts on Google.

I’ll be back on Monday. I hope to have received more nose rubbing videos by then. Email me david@davideagle.co.uk

Download the Eskimo Kissing Song here.

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