Surprise surprise! (To be read in an annoying Scouse accent)

Hey, I’m back! Then again I imagine you’d allready worked that out.
I had planned on returning a lot sooner than now but unfortunately was unable to do so due to volcanic ash impeding flights to the blogosphere. (Two sentences in and I’m allready hitting you with the hilarious satire.) Anyway, I’m glad I managed to return to blogging by today because I’m aware that many of you would decide not to bother voting in the British elections as a direct result of my prolonged absence. Obviously, people were becoming increasingly despondant and ambivalent, forming the opinion that a world depleted of david eagle is doomed to dispair anyway, regardless of election results. Fortunately, I’ve rectified the situation by my timely return to the blogging scene, much to the gratification of Britain’s political parties.

But the good news continues. Not only have I returned to the blogging scene but I have also returned to the podcasting scene. As a result of the complaint I referred to in my last blog post (just under three months ago. I know I’m sorry, but the pain is over now) we decided to take the opportunity to wait, regroup and come back with a different and new podcast series in the hope that I might be able to start afresh and avoid complaint for at least a couple of weeks. The format is a little different in so much as I will be taking on some of the interviewing duties, and there’ll be less of my more tangential material. I’m sure I can come up with something meandering, egocentric and rambling for you in the not too distant future, don’t worry, but for now I hope you enjoy ‘The Spotlight’. I don’t want to bog you down (or blog you down) with information about formats, mission statements, target demographics and all that jigerypokery (although I might tell you a bit about the jiggerypokery at some point). Instead, I’ll provide you with the download link, and you can listen and then maybe, just maybe, subscribe. Pleeeeeeease!

here’s a brief description of the first episode:

In ‘The spotlight’ this week:
Two motivational speakers and inspiring teachers.
Motivational speaker and business coach
Steph Cutler
and inspirational teacher, author and adventurer
Mike Dooley
share their life story, philosophy and offer practical advice on how we can manifest and achieve the life we want.
Plus, we get a tantalising – yet alas – brief glimpse at the future of furniture. A furniture revolution is upon us. Gone are the days when a bed is just a bed. A chair is just a chair. A desk is just a desk. A table is just a … well I’m sure you get the idea.

So join us for the first-ever big switch on of ‘The Spotlight’!

The direct download link is:
And the main podcast page to stream and subscribe is:

well I’ll leave it there for today. I understand that all this has been emotional for you all, but be reassured that I will be back in the next few days with lots of updates and stories about what’s been happening, and more podcasts. Watch this space. No not that space. Left a bit. That’s it.

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