Second Festive Audio Blog Post: The Geriatrics’ Christmas Panto

Here’s my second festive audio blog post, entitled the Geriatrics’ Christmas Panto. Download it here.

That’s all for this blog post, because my laptop seems to believe that updating 50 programmes at once is a more effective use of my computer’s resources than allowing me to type a basic word document. The computer is also threatening to restart in two minutes in order for the update process to complete successfully. Evidently these updates are so important that it can’t wait until the next time I choose to turn on my computer. I’m turning the damn thing off in five minutes anyway, so why can’t it just wait? Also, presumably one of the updates is a special feature for the winter season. My laptop is getting progressively hotter, and I’m starting to smell burning. The rest of my body might be freezing, but my groin is getting disconcertingly hot.

The Christmas Young’uns Podcast will be released on the 23rd. Goodness knows what it will sound like since I’ll be back in Hartlepool for Christmas and will therefore be away from my proper computer and so will have to edit it on this laptop. Baring in mind it’s currently struggling with a simple word document, goodness knows how it will cope with editing a podcast. The podcast will probably be a lot shorter than usual too because I may have to curtail the editing in order to save my groin from igniting.

Anyway, enough of all this groin talk. I’ll be back on the 23rd, if not before.

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