No more sleepless nights! The 85th ‘Southside Podcast’ is now available to download!

Hi, I bet you can’t guess what this post is going to be about? Well, don’t worry, I’ll tell you. The 85th ‘Southside Podcast’ is now available to download, and what’s more, to listen to. Here is the official description for it – I say official description because obviously there’s a myriad of bogus, unofficial descriptions doing the rounds. Don’t be taken in by them. We don’t have an interview with Elvis Presley this week – that’s next week. Here’s what we do have:

This week’s podcast is garbage man! That’s a hilarious joke reference to the fact that we’ve got an interview with author Joseph D’Lacey about his highly acclaimed horror novel ‘Garbage Man’. The podcast is in fact far from garbage, for as well as Joseph D’Lacey, we hear from science fiction writer Alan Stevens with some advice about writing radio drama. Anti-wind-farm protester Jane Davis gives us her perspective on wind-farms and reveals some shocking revelations about their potential dangers that are not so well-known to the general public. Plus, presenter David Eagle revisits his quest to become the world’s greatest actor while taking on an all-new challenge. All shall be revealed when you “pod on” to the 85th Southside Podcast. POD ON!

Me again! So if you’re feeling a little bit sorry for me and want to try helping me out of this infernal pit of obscurity by downloading this week’s podcast, then you can do just that by clicking

Oy!!! You! I saw that! You just skipped past that link and refused to click it without a care in the world! Well you’ll be sorry. If I end up contracting swine flu then it’s your fault!

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